Nissei ASB Machine is hosting the new Design Contest titled Plastic Design & Story Award 2018, with the intention to reinvent plastic containers.

Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd. has been a leading company in the plastic bottle molding industry with various “industry’s first” achievements since its establishment in 1978. ASB is a pioneer for one-step molding machines for plastic containers with various shapes and materials, and contributes to expanding the possibility of plastic products all over the world.

Plastic Design & Story Award 2018 is a contest seeking new designs and stories that pioneer a new future and possibilities, design that leverages the material properties and characteristics of plastic containers and are consumer-centric.
Depending on what kind of bottle it’s in, even bottled water can have very different impression and experience. Plastic has the power to alter and even enhance the value of a product.

Designers (professionals and students) from around the globe are invited to submit their design and stories that change our daily lives, and break the norm.


This year contest is themed: "Encase and Enfold Plastic Stories". The challenge is to design a plastic container which provides thrill and joy in your daily lives and to show how your design goes beyond the traditional definition of a container, to enable unique and exciting experiences through innovative use of plastic.

The work you submit must be original and unpublished anywhere.

Submission Requirements:

1-page presentation, A3 size (Landscape, One-sided)
Formatting and structure are not restricted; however, the title, concept description, and use cases (photographs, computer graphic, illustration etc.) must be included.
Submit in PDF Format (Up to 5MB)

Judging Criteria:

Creativity - innovative design and novel idea.
Comprehension - understanding and utilization of the characteristics and properties of plastic products in your design.
Market impact - value proposition to consumers, and the potential of moving the market.
Society impact - contribution to solving social issues in Japan and around the world.
Presentation - the apt delivery of above 4 criteria in clear and concise manner.

Application will be open from August 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018.

There is no entry fees to participate in this contest!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

Prospective applicants should be either:

- Professionals in the creative field, such as product designer, art director, and artists.
- Students aspiring to become designers and artists.


The Grand Prize is ¥2,000,000 and that is approximately $18,000. In addition, two Achievement Awards of ¥500,000 each and 20 Honorable Mentions of ¥100,000 each, will be awarded as well.

The winning designs may be prototyped and exhibited in trade shows.

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