Lumen Prize 2018 – International Digital Art Competition - DIGITAL ART COMPETITION

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The Call for Artists titled Lumen Prize 2018 – International Digital Art Competition is now open!

Lumen Prize 2018 – International Digital Art Competition

CALL FOR ENTRIES - Now in its 7th year, Digital Art Competition titled The Lumen Prize celebrates the very best art created digitally by artists around the world with a goal to celebrate the power and potential of this exciting genre through this annual competition and global tour of works selected by an eminent panel of judges.


It's been announced the 2018 call for entries for 7th edition of annual Lumen Prize, international Digital Art Competition organised by Lumen Project inviting all emerging and established artists working with technology and digital media to partecipate with they best works.

The Lumen Prize every year celebrates the very best art created digitally. As a not-for-profit social enterprise their goal is to focus the world’s attention on this exciting genre through an annual Digital Art Competition , a global tour and associated activities including workshops, seminars and special events.

This competition will open for entries on 15 March 2018.

Submitted work must be created, at least in part, on digital devices such as tablets, digital cameras, smartphones or computers.
Physical artworks are eligible if a digital element is a significant factor in the concept or execution of the work, i.e. entries for the 3D/Interactive prize.

Works that have won other prizes are eligible for entry as long as the entrant retains ownership of the work.

The administration fee is $45 and covers two entries. The cost for each additional entry is $22.50.

Who can enter?

This competition is open to artists anywhere in the world.


The competition offers a prize fund of $11,000, plus shortlisted and winning artists will have their works included in Lumen’s annual programme of exhibitions and events around the world.

The 2018 prizes are:

Gold Award ($3,000)
Moving Image ($1,000)
Still Image ($1,000)
AR/VR ($1,000)
Sculpture & Interactive ($1,000)
Web-based ($1,000)
BCS A.I Award ($1,000)
Founder’s Award ($1,000)
Meural Student Prize ($500)
People’s Choice Award ($500)

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