Based on the theme urban street style, young product designers are welcome to think differently and to challenge themselves.

The design concepts should draw on and expand upon the latest trends in fashion and design. The contestants are free to design frames for women or men. With respect to the choice of materials, contestants should use materials that are processed on an industrial scale.

Design plan, in hard copy format on DIN A4-size paper and in electronic format as a PDF on CD/DVD, 300 dpi resolution. Each format must contain the drawing, which shows the front view, side view and top view. Explanatory sketches and photographs may be attached. A summary description, explaining the designer‘s intention, as well as the unique features of the design.

Previously published works may not be submitted. The copyright remains the property of the participants.

There is no entry fee for this industrial design competition.

The contest is geared toward university-level students in programs of study that emphasize creativity or graduates who have completed within the last four years.

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

This industrial design competition is open to all young product designers.


Three prizes will be awarded:

2,000 Euro (approx. 2,700 USD) or, alternatively, a 4-week internship in the OWP Design Department (including all expenses for travel, accommodations and board).
1,000 Euro (approx. 1,350 USD)
500 Euro (approx. 680 USD)

If a design is used in a collection (regardless of prize level), the creator will be paid a fee customary in this line of business in exchange for assigning the rights of use.

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