Designs may be submitted as any image - photo, picture, sketch, illustration, etc. However, to increase your chance of winning, we recommend submitting a photograph of the physical clothes you designed.

There is a 20-image file limit per account. You can use all 20 images to showcase a single design or up to 20 different designs. How you choose to allocate your photos is completely up to you.

Uploaded designs will be evaluated by the judges. There is no entry fee for this fashion design competition.

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

Anyone who is interested in fashion can upload up to 20 photo images of their designs. There is no limit of design theme.


Designers chosen as FCC2015 WINNERS will receive financial support for the launching of their brands. The winning designs will also be eilgible to appear in the FCC2015 fashion show.

1th - Receive USD $100,000 in brand launching support
2nd - Receive USD $30,000 in brand launching support
3rd - Receive USD $20,000 in brand launching support
Dream Awards
Receive USD $5,000 in brand launching support

Official website

For all further informations about the FASHION CROWD CHALLENGE 2015 visit the following official website:


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