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Reshape 17 – Wearable Technology Competition: Programmable Skins

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This Reshape 17 – wearable technology competition: programmable skins now is over!

Reshape 17 – Wearable Technology Competition: Programmable Skins

Fashion competition Reshape 17 – Wearable Technology Competition organised by Noumena Architecture in collaboration with IN(3D)USTRY and Fira Barcelona, has been recently opened for entries themed "Programmable Skins" accepting proposals from all architects, designers, biologist engineers or students or professionals from any field.


Reshape 17 – Wearable Technology is the 3th edition of the fashion competition organized by Noumena in partnership with In(3D)ustry. It's an special event coordinated by Fira de Barcelona (Barcelona Exhibition Center).
Reshape focuses on the idea of digital experimenting alongside physical fabrication processes.

After the success of the previous competitions, they are very pleased to launch the 3rd edition of Reshape competitions, “RESHAPE 17 | Programmable Skins”, which continues with the same thematic of the previous edition, focusing more in new materialities and interactive relations.

Wearables are becoming an active, supplemental skin that not only protect our body but also facilitate functions such as growth, movement, respiration and nutrition or rehabilitate the environment.
Becoming a new medium able to regulate the relation between our body and its surroundings, wearables can now collect and exchange information producing dynamic outputs.

Reshape aims to enhance these impulses in fashion design, proposing this new challenge to makers and designers.
The proposals will focus on wearables as a prosthetic skins providing augmented functions.
RESHAPE 17 goes beyond ubiquitous computing, towards integrated and holistic strategies with the objective to move beyond electronics, in favor of programmable materials.

This competition seek for innovative yet feasible design ideas that can be proved by prototypes. Interdisciplinary processes and experimentation are vital for RESHAPE 17 competition, therefore there is no design and fabrication limitations.

Proposals should focus on wearables as a prosthetic skins providing augmented functions.

Each team has to create maximum 3 boards of A3 size landscape format. Each board should be a vectorial (not raster) pdf file and RGB color mode. The content of the boards should show the design and fabrication process of each design solution. Short text, diagrams, picture of the physical prototype and images/renders of the final design should be included.
A text of approximately 600 words has to be delivered separately in a word document. The text should include the description of the proposal as well as an approximate economical estimation.
A video of maximum duration of one minute has to be included. The video should be one mp4 file, maximum 25 MB.

A panel of experts from the fields of fashion design, digital fabrication and computation, will select the three winning proposals. All projects will be evaluated on a scale from 1 to 10 according to the following categories: Concept idea: Significant attention will be given to those projects that reconsoder the idea of conventional contemporary clothing in a inventive and experimental way, estabilishing interconnections between users, environment and data.

Prototype fabricability: Reshape aims to merge both design and making in a complete creative process. Therefore, each design approach must present a clear fabrication strategy, materializing design solutions with tools that are available in a Fab Lab or Maker Space.

Dissemination strategy: In order to produce a real impact is crucial to set a dissemination strategy, proposing convincing scenarios of implementation for each proposal.

The registration fee for each submission is 30 Euro.


This competitions is open to architects, designers, biologist engineers or students or professionals from any field.


The total prize is 2,700 Euro and will be distributed among the first, second and third winner accordingly. Apart from the winners, the jury will select 5-7 honorable mentions.

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