Dodho Magazine: Call for Entries 2018 - PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION

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The Call for Entries titled Dodho Magazine: Call for Entries 2018 is now open!

Dodho Magazine: Call for Entries 2018

CALL FOR ENTRIES - Photography Competition launched by Dodho Magazine has been recently opened for entries for 2018 like very year looking for photographers of all cultures, points of view and over 18 years of age - only requirement is quality and to be willing to take giant steps in its career.


After the phenomenal acceptance by the industry and an unprecedented success of past editions Dodho Magazine calling for entries once again looking for photographers of all cultures, points of view and over 18 years of age - the only requirement is quality and to be willing to take giant steps in its career.

The print edition of Dodho Magazine is the only photography publication exclusively devoted to professionals and experts in the photographic industry around the world. This has become a benchmark for selection and discovery of extraordinary photographers with delicious projects and fantastic stories from around the world. This printed version is not a magazine, it is a powerful talent distribution tool, focused and calibrated to the millimeter to turn your dreams into opportunities.

The purpose of Dodho Magazine is to disseminate and promote the work of emerging and established photographers from around the word. Their vocation is the constant search for photographers and works with potential deserving a global promotion.

Every day the Dodho Magazine team reviews the projects and portfolios presented and selects the best ones to be published in the online version, this is an excellent opportunity to give visibility to your work quickly.

Submission requirements:

All photographers must send images or portfolios in high-resolution format, in addition to the authorization and consent duly signed for your work´s publication. All shipments must be provided as soon as possible.

You can send as many works as you wish, with no limit on the volume of participation. It can be presented in the Cover format, in the Magazine format or just in both. The decision is up to you.

Each project or portfolio should consist of 10 to 20 compressed photographs in a folder in .ZIP format, each of the photographs must have a minimum size of 1200px on its largest side. The maximum weight of each .ZIP file must be 25Mb. Instead, If it is a single image, you can upload it in .JPG format.

There are no restrictions on the use of digital manipulation.

It's recommended that you include a description of the project.

There is no temporary restriction based on when an image was taken. You can present images taken at any stage of your career. Furthermore, if your work has already been published in Dodho Magazine or in other media it is accepted.

Cover Packages
Organizer are looking for the most impressive image to make it the cover of this new edition. It's accepted any type of photographic genre in color or black and white. Without a doubt, the cover is the most direct way to promote your personal brand and style. Send us the images you think may work well as the cover of this edition.

Magazine Packages
Organizer looks for the best projects or portfolios to be presented in the inside pages of this new edition. Your work will be presented through 20 pages dedicated exclusively to your work on paper of the highest quality and in a magnificent edition. You can present several photographic projects with a common thread between the images or several portfolios without the need for a connection between them. It's accepted all kinds of photographic genres and formats.

A great international judging panel will select the best images and portfolios. All the portfolios and photographs received in the two modalities Cover and Magazine will be valued through four decisive elements - technical factors, composition factors, emotional factors and style factors. After the presentation period ends, the finalist works, and portfolios will be reviewed again, for the final selection of the photographers presented in the new edition.

The deadline for submission will be from September 1 to November 30, 2018. The issue 06 is scheduled to be published next December 15, after the deadline for submission, works and finalist images will be evaluated again, the jury’s decision will be communicated during the first week of December to all selected photographers.

Entry fee for a single image cost 10$, for a 3 images is 20$, and for a 5 images is 30$.

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

Dodho Magazine is looking for photographers of all cultures, points of view and over 18 years of age.


Your photographs and your personal brand will promoted at the highest level from Barcelona to New York, from Tokyo to Dubai, from Los Angeles to Sydney. Galleries directors, photo editors, book editors, festival directors, curators and agents will have your work in their hands. Your name and your pictures will go around the world in record time.

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