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The winners have been announced!

Food award titled Desita award 2017 - Gelato Experience is calling for entries. Below you can find all details about this competition:

Desita award 2017 - Gelato Experience

DESITA AWARD, an international food awards titled "Gelato Experience" that connects the design and food world, has been recently opened for submission with the aims to bring innovation and new value to the gelato sectors offering the possibility to designers and creatives to rethink the whole experiential process, both for the operator and customer, and to propose their idea to the market.

About competition

Food awards DESITA AWARD invites all participants to explore the "gelato concept" in a broad sense, considering all elements of its productive and creative ecosystem: ingredients and raw materials, food industries, operations, commercial activities, professionals and consumers.

Designers will be able to deepen the relationship between design, edible products and usability, including new technologies and consumer experiences, tradition, functionality and aesthetics.

The contest goal is to explore the relationship between design and tools usability, emerging technologies and functionality, starting from applying innovative approaches, systems or control interfaces, to exploring and redesigning the whole "gelato experience".

Participants must develop the gelato product experience with an innovative Food Design approach improving all aspects related to choices such as raw materials, production systems, health, Mediterranean Diet ( Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity - UNESCO ), while enhancing the global food concept of pizza and gelato meaning that Italy has invented the food the world.

There is a three categories in which you can participate:

- Tools and Packaging: Design or redesign tools, objects, accessories, packaging, etc. in order to improve the functionality, the food preparing and/or the fruition experience from the service and/or customer standpoint.

- Interior & Interaction: Design or redesign of environments, furnishing elements, workstations, electronic devices/applications, digital devices, etc. that could improve the food preparation and/or fruition experience from the service and/or customer standpoint.

- Food Design: Design or redesign effective solutions for food fruibility, new formats, storage elements, preservation and transportation, new materials, communication, etc. that could improve the food preparation and/or fruition experience from the service and/or customer standpoint.

All projects must show a detailed attention to process and product sustainability, with specific consideration to production costs, promoting and presenting gelato as a high quality and healthy food choice while analyzing environment and consumer "experience": sociological, anthropological, economic, cultural and sensorial, defining not only production technologies variations but also marketing and communication that aim to defend and promote local products.

Design projects must be original, that means they never have to been published and must not infringe any intellectual property rights upon original works of authorship.

Contest winners will be announced after few days of the project deadline, the award ceremony will take place at the Carpigiani Gelato University of Bologna in June (the date will be announced).

Jury will select the winning projects based on originality, feasibility and consistency with the brief presented; therefore the Jury would eventually consider to reward less than three projects.

There is no entry fees for this competition.


Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years and can apply individually or in groups.


The projects selected by the prestigious jury, will allow candidates access to the following prizes:

WINNER: 1.500 €
2° PLACE : 1.000 €
3° PLACE: 500 €

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