This Furniture Design Competition aims at developing new home products that meet the needs of one or more of the following project briefs:

1. Hang & Iron

Project brief for a system designed to manage clothes. The system shall provide a single integrated solution for hanging and/or ironing underwear and clothes. The system may also provide the possibility to manage unwashed and/or unironed clothes. The solution may be placed in every corner of the house and it shall be functionally and aesthetically indepen- dent. It may be complementary to other furniture pieces and/or home appliances or totally independent.

2.Mini Desk / Movable Storage Unit

Project brief for a product that shall be used as a support to laptops or handheld devices, or provide a support to eat while in bed and/or on the couch. While not in use, the system may be foldable and/or usable for other purposes, it may be placed in view (thus the need to have good aesthetic features) and/or be combined with other furniture pieces (cou- ch, nightstand, small coffee tables, etc.).

3.Open Kit System for modular furniture solutions

Project brief for a multi-function system for modular furniture solutions designed to provide the same functions as a night- stand, shelf, small cabinet or cupboard. The system shall be adaptable both in its size and use/function. It shall have at least one component with an enclosed space and/or drawers. The number of components shall be limited and the joining/assembling mechanism shall be simple and easy to configure without requiring the use of tools.

The open call focuses on the following three main innovation sectors:

- First of all, design, since it provides designers with a concrete opportunity to present their ideas by addressing a specific project for commercial purposes in a format that puts at stake 5,000 Euro as well as a copyright agreement with a local enterprise.
- Secondly, manufacturing, because it will allow the enterprises of Trentino to launch new products in a well-established retailing chain in partnership with the winners of the competition.
- Finally, retailing, because it will place the retailers of Trentino in a favourable position to enhance local manufacturing by establishing a new relationship with customers, testing the possibilities offered by a production chain where local manufacturers play the leading role.

Several stakeholders operating in the retail of home furniture and accessories in Trentino, Italy are aiming to establish a local supply chain that can support local manufacturing companies and forge a strong bond between design, the retailing industry, and local enterprises. And that’s what Trentino Design 3.0 is about.

There is no entry fee for this product design competition!

It's free to enter!


Each winner will be entitled to a prize money of 5,000 €. The three selected projects will be forwarded in advance to the enterprises of the territory, which may present their applications to manufacture the winning products. The designers will sign a Copyright agreement with the involved enterprise and the products will be marketed on local retailing channels.

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