Societies on the Move, Graphic Design Competition aims to stimulate the imagination with a cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic outlook for society.

Until a few decades ago the Guarani people, led by an elder tribesman who had a vision, traveled long distances, travelling together with their old people and their young children too, in order to find "land without evil", a favorable place to settle when the original place where they had lived no longer met their required conditions.
Today, movement of people poses growing challenges to modern society, as the use of common resources and rights are challenged by new sharing needs. At the same time an active and informed citizenship is required, involving respect for the environment; choices on consumption; production dynamics as well as for institutional processes. Creation of any future societies could too start from such vision.

Proposals must be original and unpublished and must be inspired by the theme of this brief. The works can be performed using any technique, manual or digital. All works shall be sent electronically in JPEG, PDF and TIFF formats with 300 dpi resolution, a 70 x 100 cm size, and portrait layout.

Entries will be judged by a qualified panel composed of international experts in the field of illustration, visual arts and communication.

The judging panel will evaluate the proposals based on criteria related to originality, quality, clarity of the templates, visual storytelling skills, adaptability of the work to its final form.

Requests to participate may be submitted by individual or collectively (co-authors), and each participant, individually or in groups, may only submit one proposal.

There is no entry fee for this Graphic Design Competition.

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

This call for entries is open to all illustrators, graphic designers and students from all nationalities and is without age limit


The panel of judges will select a selection of images which will be printed in 70 x 100 cm size and put on display at the exhibition in Venice from October 20 to November 20, 2016. These will also be published in a catalogue dedicated to the competition and also displayed on the websites of the organisers.

Among them, the judges will also identify the winner of the Prize who will be awarded a prize of 2,500 Euro that's approximatly 2,770 USA and will also be invited to the opening of the exhibition, with paid travel and accommodation expenses.

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