Do you want to tell us and other people your stories? You are full of ideas which are just waiting to take shape? Well, then it is time to show us what’s inside your head! In this year’s TCABC you are free to choose between 2 different topics:

“Delicious!” – Tasty stories for children at the age of 3 to 5 years.
“The secret path” – Stories full of adventures and mysteries for children at the age of 8 to 12 years.

You made your decision? Well, then get started right away. It is very simple:

The attendee designs a concept and a storyboard from which at least three (3) scenes and the cover are designed in an animated and interactive way by using the TigerCreate digital publishing suite.

Register today for the TCABC here
If not yet done download TigerCreate for free to your Mac
Design your first animated interactive adventure book
Send in your entry until 29th January 2016
With a bit of luck win a journey to the Children’s Book Fair 2016 in Bologna

Our jury of professional experts and a group of children will chose the best TigerBook in each category “from 3to 5 years” and “from 8 to 12 years”. You will find the details in the Terms & Conditions. There is no entry fee for this Graphic Design Competition.

It's free to enter!

Official website

For all further informations about the TigerCreate Adventure Book Competition 2015/16 visit the following official website:

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