With this contest, Wikiprogress aims to encourage participants to use well-being measurement in innovative ways to show how data on well-being give a more meaningful picture of the progress of societies than more traditional growth-oriented approaches, and to use their creativity to communicate key ideas about well-being to a broad audience.

You are invited to create an infographic or data visualisation that addresses one or more of the following questions:

How do well-being levels vary between countries, or within countries?
How do well-being levels vary for different population groups (e.g. for young people, the elderly, by gender, etc.)?
Why is it important to look beyond purely economic indicators (such as GDP) for a better picture of people’s current or future well-being?
How can the multi-dimensionality of well-being be effectively communicated to the general public?

The Wikiprogress Data Visualization Contest 2015 is open to all individuals, both amateurs and professionals. Еspecially encouraged to participate are young people and one of the prizes will be reserved for entries from under 26-year olds.
There is no entry fee for this Graphic Design Competition!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

The Contest is open for interactive and static infographics and visualizations, accepted in two separate categories. You may choose your definition of well-being and use any publicly available data (either official or non-official statistics) for you entry.

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