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The Call for Entries titled Lavazza - New vending creativity 2018 is now open!

Lavazza - New vending creativity 2018

CALL FOR ENTRIES - New Graphic Design Contest recently organised by famouse Italian company Lavazza and released on, invite you to design the new graphics for their vending machines, capable of conveying the Lavazza values and quality in every environment.


New Graphic Design Contest titled Lavazza - New vending creativity 2018 has been recently organised by the famouse Italian comany Lavazza, inviting you to create the new graphic design for their vending machines, suitable for the various machine models and able to convey the Lavazza brand and the values it advocates, including the Italianness and the premium quality of their blend.

For the correct realisation of your proposals, keep into consideration the following guidelines:

The subject of the contest is the graphic design of the Lavazza vending machines, in particular with reference to the front panels and the selection buttons of the Brio Up, Canto Duo, Concerto and Lei2Go machines.

Objectives of the new graphic design:
1. It shall communicate the Lavazza brand in a clear and consistent way, contributing to increasing the brand awareness in the vending machine sector, in particular outside Italy;
2. It shall spread the Lavazza heritage, conveying the coffee quality and the Italian style it advocates;
3. It shall contribute to transform the user experience from a proximity-driven consumption (given by the sole presence of the Lavazza vending machine) to a more informed, premium and fulfilling experience.

Major requirements:
- The projects you propose shall give maximum priority to the Lavazza brand, in full compliance with the Lavazza Manifesto;
- The graphic design shall give great visibility to the coffee preparation system, be it coffee capsules or coffee beans;
- The new graphic design shall be extremely innovative and disruptive, in order to arouse great interest in the consumer, thanks to a very attractive style, and so spread by word-of-mouth among users;
- Given the average life cycle of a vending machine equal to about 10 years, the graphics you propose shall ensure a certain durability over time, to be perceived not as a fad but rather embodying the traits of a timeless fashion.

The new graphic design shall be easily adaptable to the various machine models, in particular to the Brio Up, Canto Duo, Concerto and Lei2Go machines.

Elements to be included in the graphic design:
1. Lavazza logo: that shall be given maximum visibility and importance in comparison with to the other elements. The logo might be used either vertically or horizontally.
2. Vending operator logo: as the Lavazza vending machine is often offered in co-branding modality, you are invited to include in your graphic design a generic logo representing the partner – use the “logo” wording. The vending operator logo shall receive less visual importance than the Lavazza logo;
3. Graphic element of your conception, consistent with the entire graphic design you suggest, representing in a clear and visible way the coffee preparation typology, be it coffee capsules or coffee beans. According to the coffee preparation typology, the two elements might be swapped one with another and shall cover the same area. Accordingly, the two elements shall NEVER co-exist in the same graphic design. For an example, please refer to the two versions of the Canto Duo vending machine attached, representing the two versions, “coffee capsules” and “coffee beans” respectively, fashioned in the “Neon” style already employed by Lavazza. You are invited to apply the coffee capsules graphic element to all four vending machines specified above and provide a version of the coffee beans in at least one machine.
4. “Aroma Mark” element – to be included, at your discretion, even if it is not mandatory it is highly advisable – it is the characteristic graphic symbol representing the Lavazza coffee aroma;
5. Selection buttons: for the design of the selection buttons you are invited to propose graphic solutions of your own conception. For the beverages label texts, you are free to use the font already employed by Lavazza. At all events, the selection buttons are not the main subject of the contest.

You are free to explore the style you prefer, keeping into consideration both the necessity of becoming extremely relevant and attractive for the customer and the average life cycle your graphics shall have, avoiding styles or concepts too much related to a specific historical-cultural period.

You may use graphic illustrations or other techniques, however avoiding the use of photographs.

The are no indications as to what colours you should employ in your graphic design.

The vending machines will be installed both in working environments (companies, offices, etc.) and in public spaces (stations, hospitals, universities, shopping malls etc.).


For the 4 machines attached (Brio Up, Canto Duo, Concerto and Lei2Go) you are required to submit:
- 2D views of the panels, with your graphic design applied;
- 3D photo - composition of your graphic design applied on the vending machine images attached, replacing the current graphics;
- Layout containing the new graphic design of the selection buttons.

Participants can present 1 or more projects, but only the projects published on the web site, via the upload page related to “Lavazza - New vending creativity” will be accepted.

You may attach further materials (PDF, vector files, high resolution images) inside a .ZIP archive to submit directly from the upload page.

In the evaluation of your submissions Lavazza will take into account the following criteria:

Compliance with the brand (5/5)
Communication effectiveness (5/5)
Degree of innovation (4/5)
Aesthetics (4/5)
Flexibility/Versatility (3/5)

There is no entry fees to partcipate in this contest!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

Participation in this graphic design contest is free of charge and open to designers and creative talents of any nationality aged 18 years or older.


1st prize: €5000

For the duration of the option right, the Sponsor offers an extra chance to all participants setting a fee of Euro 2,000 for the purchase of the license for the economical exploitation of the projects not-acknowledged as the winning proposals.

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