Green Product Award 2019 - GREEN PRODUCT AWARD

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The Call for Entries titled Green Product Award 2019 is now open!

Green Product Award 2019

CALL FOR ENTRIES - The White Lobster agency is hosting its 5nd Green Product Award, an annual international competition seeking for innovative and sustainable products and services for 2019.


The 5th Green Product Award 2019 hosted by White Lobster agency has been recently opend for entries seeking for innovative and sustainable products and services for 2019.

Since 2013 the Green Product Award has been honoring the best innovative and sustainable products and services once a year and provides a platform for manufacturers, design studios & agencies that are distinguished by their products & services in terms of design, innovation and sustainability and who want to present themselves on the German market.

The competition for 2019 includes the following categories:

Consumer Electronics
Consumer Goods
Home Accessories

An international jury of experienced experts will assess the submissions with their know-how and thus determine the winners.

The winners will be evaluated and determined based on general and subject-specific criteria:

General criteria:
Approach - The originality, reproducibility and credibility are assessed.
Elaboration - Evaluated are the complexity of the analysis, the quality of the preparation and the way of implementation.
Impact - Consider the potential for change in environment, behaviour and production conditions.

Subject-specific criteria:
Design - about the design as an overall approach considering: aesthetics, user-friendly functionality, economic and ecological constructions, possibly the interaction of product and packaging
Innovation - whether a problem / need (better) is solved, the scale of what is new and how relevant it is

The submission is free of charge. Upon admission to the Selection a fee is due. Startup fees are reduced to facilitate their participation.

Free - Students
400 Euro - Start Up
950 Euro - Professionals

Who can enter?

The Green Product Award is aimed at national and international established companies & start-ups.


The winners of the Green Product Award as well as the participants who are admitted to the Green Selection will receive a comprehensive service package.

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