Green Product Award 2016 - GREEN PRODUCT AWARD

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The winners have been announced!

Green product award titled Green Product Award 2016 is calling for entries. Below you can find all details about this competition:

The White Lobster agency is hosting its 2nd green product award, an annual international sustainable competition seeking for innovative and sustainable products and services for 2016.

About competition

Selected submissions get the opportunity to be included in the renowned online shop Interior Park.
Interior Park is the leading operating platform for sustainable design in Europe: on the one hand an agency for design, architecture and communication for future oriented concepts on the other hand a shop with 5000 hand-picked exclusive pieces of furniture.

Sustainable products and services are accepted in the following twelve competition categories:

1. University
2. Research
3. Office
4. Kids
5. Lifestyle
6. Mobility
7. Consumer Electronics
8. Consumer Goods
9. Furniture
10. Others / Freestyle
11. Home Accessories
12. Communication

The Green Product Award is hosted since 2014. The first competition has received submissions from more than 25 countries. In 2015 the exhibits have been presented to more than 250,000 visitors at international fairs. Countless participants has been able to acquire investments and make contacts to producers and distributors based on their participation.

If you submit your work until 15 December 2015, you have the chance to exhibit at Stockholm Design Week.

Admission fees for this design competition start at 40 Euro for Students, up to 220 Euro for Newcomers and 330 Euro for Professionals.


Each participant will receive a certificate with point-based feedback with regards to design, innovation level and sustainability.

The best submissions will receive the Green Product Award as well as the Green Product Seal. Winners and participants of the selection will receive the limitless right to advertise with this seal to present their sustainable engagement in the market.

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