SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition - HYPERLOOP POD COMPETITION

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The winners have been announced!

Hyperloop pod competition titled SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition is calling for entries. Below you can find all details about this competition:

The SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies) company is hosting hyperloop pod competition to accelerate the development of a functional prototype of the Hyperloop high-speed ground transport system, first announced as a concept in 2013.

About competition

The Company will be constructing a sub-scale Hyperloop test track, adjacent to its Hawthorne, California headquarters, which will be used during a live competition weekend, currently scheduled for June 2016. Before the competition weekend, a design weekend will happen, during which participants will present their work before an evaluation panel and the best designs will be selected for construction.

Detailed rules, criteria, and tube specifications will be announced on 15th August 2015. We will update this article with the relevant information, shortly after that.

There is no entry fee for this design competition!


The competition is open for university students and independent engineering teams and the intention is to design and build the best Hyperloop pod.

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