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Alternative Vision Challenge

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This Alternative vision challenge now is over!

Alternative Vision Challenge

Ideas Vision Awards, organised by Pixzzart UK Limited in London, is an independent design award to highlight and encourage an Alternative Vision of our world in the future through design and now is calling for submission!


Alternative Vision Challenge is an international design idea competition, organised by Pixzzart UK Limited in London, that encourag experimentation and create an alternative vision for the future. Highlighting the most suitable solution to a design problem and encourage engagement with a topic set by the competition design brief. Alternative Vision Design.

The competition brif is "Plastic Bottle Re-imagined".

Plastic which is very durable and versatile is petroleum-based product made from oil and natural gas. Designed to last forever, means it is not a suitable material for quick disposable packaging as it does not degrade easily. And when it does breakdown, the result is the release of harmful chemicals into our environment.

Annual level of plastic bottles is set to top half a trillion by 2021. This will affect and further jeopardising oceans, coastlines and other environments. A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, equivalent to approximately 20,000 bottles every second driven by an apparently high desire for bottled water.

With fewer bottles collected for recycling and just 7% of those turned into new bottles, most instead end up in landfill or in the ocean, it has become a major issue affecting our environment. Over 10m tonnes of plastic is estimated to leaks into the world’s oceans. Plastic contamination is now found widely from tap water to sea salt. We could reduce this problem by recycling all plastics and reducing production but this is not practical. Another solution could be use of bio-based or certified compostable plastics over petroleum-based plastic material.
The Competition challenges participants to present a design solution for the problem of single use plastics focusing on plastic bottles and sandwich packaging. The brief is to design an alternative water bottle and sandwich packaging solution for visitors to a London Zoo. The proposed solution should solve the problem of plastic use and provide an aesthetically please and hygienical design solution that engages visitors with the issue of plastic pollution.

Submission requirements:

The Entry submission should be in the form of the following: 1 x Digital Image File that can be easily viewed within the horizontal format of a computer screen presented on a single panel with the Registrati on Number in the top right hand corner. Designers may optionally include up to 3 images on the board in the form of working sketches or preparatory work to support the concept being entered into the Award. The presentati on should clearly document the approach to the concept, materials, treatment, dimension and any other important detail considered relevant. All verbal (or numerical in meters) descripti on should be expressed in English only.

The digital image file must follow the guidelines and characteristics below:

Digital Format: .JPG or .JPEG
File Name: The image’s name must match the Registrati on Number Maximum jpg
File Size: Five megabytes (5 MB)
Dimensions: Landscape format (2600 height x 3500 width pixels) or (48 x 24 inches) to 96dpi.

Evaluation criteria:

Interpretati on or an original concept
Strength and convicti on of soluti on
Coherence of the material
Aestheti cs (nature, form, material and fi nish)
Explorati on of innovati ve approach in creati ng a new experience
Sustainability (culturally and economically)
Clarity and quality of presentati on

Designers may register to enter more than one concept for the award but each concept will need a seperate registration.

The Competition will involve a single stage process with an initial pre-selection stage of narrowing the submitted entries to 40-100 entries to be review and evaluated further by the Judging Panel. The process should eventually lead to a shortlist of 10 from which the eventual winner(s) would be selected. The winner(s) of this particular prize will be awarded the “Alternative Vision” Prize for the presenting an alternative design vision of the world for the future.

Results will be announced on 26 September 2019.

Entry fees:

• $80 - Early Bird - 20 June 2019 until 25 June 2019 (23:00 GMT)
• $100 - Standard - 26 June until 05 September 2019 (23:00 GMT)
• $120 - Late - 26 June until 05 September 2019 (23:00 GMT)


Individual Product Designers
Product Engineers
Design Studios
Product engineers
Multi-disciplinary creatives
Environmental Enthusiast


The winner(s) of this particular prize will be awarded the “Alternative Vision” Prize for presenting an alternative design vision of the world for the future.

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