The challenge of this Illustration Competition is to design and submit a digitized portrait of the French football legend Zinédine Zidane, in any technique: 2- or 3-D, in color or monochrome, digital or analogue, painted, pasted or drawn.

For the realisation of the portrait, all techniques are allowed as long as there is no infringement of copyright laws. All works must be digitalised. Three-dimensional works must be photographed. Analogue submissions will not be considered.

Convince our jury that your illustrations must be part of our collector’s album by designing a portrait of one of the greatest footballer – the french legend Zinédine Zidane. You are free to choose whatever technique suits you best for this task: 2- or 3-D, in colour or monochrome, digital or analogue, painted, pasted or drawn – it doesn’t matter.

Only one submission per participant will be considered (in the case of multiple submissions by one participant, only the first submission will be considered).


The winners will have the privilege to design one of the teams of the 2016 Euro for our legendary collector’s album. The distribution of the album in Switzerland, Germany and all Europe will offer you a great platform to present your work to a large audience.
All artists represented in our album will receive a lump sum for their expenses the amount of which will be determined by the sales figures of our album. And lest we forget: we will award cash prizes totaling 5,000 Swiss Francs (approx. 5,000 euros) for the chosen works.

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