The Illustrator as Public Intellectual questions the common misconceptions that the illustrator’s mind and hand are wholly guided by editors, art directors, and clients; and that their work is subordinate to the texts they illustrate. This symposium proposes that illustrators are empowered as originators and purveyors of unique thought.
The definition of illustration is open to wide interpretation by participants, but as a general guideline illustration may be provisionally defined as fabricated images primarily created to elucidate and communicate an idea, narrative, mood, information, and/or opinion through publication. Studies on the illustration of any era or place are welcome.
300-word proposals for 20-minute academic papers and practice-based presentations are invited. Email your proposal to irsymposium[at]risd.edu
Selected papers and presentations will be considered for publication in forthcoming issues of the peer reviewed Journal of Illustration.

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Open to anyone worldwide.

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