That’s a Mole! International Illustration Contest 2016 - Illustration competition

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This That’s a mole! international illustration contest 2016 now is over!

That's a Mole! is an international illustration competition with the aim to promoting the most artistic, varied and creative interpretations of the city of Turin iconic monument. Participants are asked to create an illustration, a graphic interpretation or a decorative pattern in the shape of the most important icon of the city of Turin (Italy): the Mole Antonelliana monument.


That's a Mole! illustration competition aims to be successful in giving visibility and enhancing the participants' work, while also reinforcing and promoting the attention to culture, community and tourism in the area.

Participants are requested to create an illustration, a graphic interpretation or a decorative pattern inside the shape of the Mole Antonelliana monument.

Technique is free, and each participant may submit up to three proposals. Artwork can be submitted by individuals and/or groups, and the final proposal must fit within the 17x40 cm template.

Please note: Mole is also the English word for Talpa Europeæa; but here it stands just for Mole Antonelliana, monument symbol of the city of Turin (Italy). The topic of the proposal is free and hasn't to deal with the animal!

There is no entry fee for this illustration competition.

It's free to enter!


This illustration competition is open to all, with no age limit, and it is possible to participate individually or collectively.


The winning artwork will receive 1,000 Euro (approx. 1.100 USD). Moreover, 26 other works, together with the winner, will be exhibited in front of the Mole Antonelliana (Torino, Italy).


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