Basically, suggest projects

- which fall into the furniture, lighting and home accessories categories (NO clocks, gifts, accessories, children toys and furniture, cooking utensils etc.);
- That are mostly made of wood (solid wood, wood panels);
- For any secondary material you can use ceramic, upholstered furniture with various finishes, metal sheets manufacturing through cold stamping, 2d and 3d laser cut – used by our companies (so no 100%, fabric, glass, plastic, marble, rock, Corian, etc...);
- that can easily be packaged with packaging of up to 230 cm in length and weighing up to 30 kg each per package;
- that can be easily assembled and installed by the buyer;
- that are eco-design inspired.

Send your project online, free of charge. Enter as SINGLE USER, COMPANY or GROUP.

Who can enter?

The international furniture design competition is open to everyone provided that he/she is over 18 years of age.


The Technical Committee - for this contest, chaired by Stefano Caggiano, Design expert and exponent of new design languages project - will select at least 2 projects to prototype as well as sell on the formabilio.com website. We highly appreciate the opinion of our users, therefore, at least one of the projects chosen by the Technical Committee will be selected from the group of 10 projects that received the highest rating from the community.

The Designers of the winning projects identified by the Formabilio jury will be entitled to a 7% fee on the sale of the products found on Formabilio.com.

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