When submitting to the Information Processing Tools design competition keep in mind that your submission will be evaluated mostly by the pdf-presentation that you submit that explains how the system works. If there is a user-interface, this will also be given weight during evaluation. Applicants are also required to submit a Poster presentation of the product.


The best information processing tools are selected according to form, functional and emotional aspects of the product; the designs are considered for their degree of innovation, aesthetic qualities, functionality and usefulness in addition to ease of realization and realization efficiency, ergonomics and human interaction.

The winners of the design competition A Information Processing Tools Design Award are provided extensive and exclusive marketing and communication services to promote the success of winning the A Award.
Furthermore, the winning designs appear on the A'best designs book which is available worldwide, this book is furthermore distributed to the high-profile magazine editors, design oriented companies and relevant parties.
The winning designs are also exhibited at Italy, and the best designs will be picked for the permanent exhibition.
The winners appear on magazines, newspapers, webzines and many other publishing mediumsEach winner design receives the trophy, published online and at our best designs book, receives a certificate and sticker templates to be attached to the products, the A'seal of design excellence is also included in the winners package, this seal is valid for the entire product lifecycle without yearly fees.

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