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r-evolutionary baby design

r-evolutionary baby design is now open for entries!

Call for Entries: Chicco is looking for two new concepts regarding relax for 1) evolutionary spaces and 2) multi-functional products. Both must be able to adapt to the several moments of the day and to the specific needs of the baby aged 0-12 months, taking also in consideration the needs of the mother in interacting with him, facilitating the management of the daily routine and helping both to stay well together at home.

Babies need objects and spaces that change and/or adapt themselves as to create new scenarios, activities and always different objects. Accordingly changing spaces and products are required to adapt themselves to the baby’s growth and to his several postures between 0 and 12 months of age but that also adapt themselves to the several moments of the day during which mothers might need to leave their babies alone in safety or also to interact with them.

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For the correct realisation of your proposals, please keep into consideration the following guidelines. You can develop one or both concepts (every upload must refer to one concept only).

Relax, main topic of the contest and key factor in the baby well-being, gets several interpretations according to the age:

- 0-4 months: physical contact mother-baby: maternal cuddle as unique means. Relax is well-being; - 5-8 months: playful moment mother-baby; the mother entertains her baby talking, playing, singing and dancing with him. Relax is relationship;
- 9-12 months: sharing beautiful moments together; the mother reads and tells stories guiding her baby gradually towards learning and being autonomous. Relax is interaction.

CONCEPT: “Evolutionary spaces”
Houses are often small and it is thus necessary to rationalise and organise the spaces for babies. Mothers would like free, modular and customisable spaces that allow a direct contact with their babies and enable them to adapt the same spaces to the house.

Mothers need both to save some moments of “self-care” for themselves and beautiful moments of playful relax to spend with their babies. 
So every mother needs a new evolutionary space able to create multiple scenarios to entertain the baby throughout the several moments of the day, that adapts to the house spaces and that is able – when needed – to provide an enclosed and safe place inside which the baby can play or interact with his mother. For your project, keep into consideration the baby’s growth, his several postures and the mother needs (e.g. to be able to safely leave the baby alone).

Configurations: in order to obtain the multiple scenarios and the various customisations, you can consider a modular system, by employing two-dimensional or three-dimensional modules, or you can also study a convertible space made of a single element that you can rearrange according to your needs.
Evolution: the evolutionary space shall be able to adapt to the several moments and necessities of the day of both baby and mother and/or to follow every phase of the psycho-physical growth of the baby, encouraging his autonomy.

CONCEPT: “Multifunctional product”
The needs of babies are constantly changing, mothers would like objects that can adapt to the need of the moment and that convert themselves at every stage of the baby’s growth and/or change themselves to adapt to the specific activity of the day. This product as well should encourage the baby autonomy and his own psycho-physical growth.

This latter concept researched by Chicco is a product/object that you might use for different purposes throughout the day and/or that can adapt to the baby’s growth. In particular, the object shall be able to convert itself and evolve, modifying the way the baby interacts with it during his growth or changing itself according to the needs.

Keep into consideration the following parameters that determine the convertibility of the product:
Cognitive growth: it evolves according to the age of the baby, who first listens and watches (sensory phase) then starts to interact with objects by catching them and eventually explores 
the environment moving around inside the house.

Daily activities: they follow one another between active waking state and rest: needs of the moment related to the baby’s routine and entertainment moments promoted by the mother during the baby waking state, according to the modalities and activities suitable to both and 
to the needs of the moment.

Baby’s posture: it changes according to the age: first supine/prone, than semi-seated/seated 
position and crawling, eventually upright position.

Prize ⇣

1st: €2000
The selection of the winner by Chicco will be the result of an unquestionable evaluation and it will take into account originality, feasibility and consistency with the brief presented.

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