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The Call for Entries titled RE-Form DESIGN COMPETITION 2015 is now open!

CALL FOR ENTRIES - Traditional definitions of space, form and function are no longer able to fully adapt to the new and continuously evolving behaviors of our society. These new ways of interaction are a consequence of new technologies, which have drastically changed the patterns of social engagement.

How can we address these new modes of interaction? What are the new objects/tools produced by the hybridization of traditional definition of spaces and these new engagement opportunities? Let’s challenge, re-form, and re-structure established notions of verb and space.


Participants are free to define a contemporary social/civil “problem” created by the juxtaposition of specific actions and spaces. They should propose an object “solution” to the contemporary “problem” they have identified.

The proposed solution could be as small as a water bottle and as big as a car. Some of the issues that could be address are homelessness, technology, workplace, environmental awareness and so on and so forth.

Design an object or interaction that inspires or has been inspired by a new contemporary behavior!

All submissions must contain original content. Entries shall not have been published in any competition publication.

Write description of 500 words maximum that descibe your design solution. Describing your targeted "problem" and your solution.

Each entrant must submit a single PDF of 6MB or less. The PDF should include the main project presentation board plus a selection of individual high-resolution project images (already used in main presentation board).For more detailes visit the official web site.

The Jury will review the submissions and select the finalists based on the following criteria:
- Compliance will all submission requirements. - Student, Young Professional and Professional categories. - Creativity and Innovation - Contemporary relevance. - Aesthetic Merit. - Constructibility and suitability of design for intended use.

Each design is considered as a separate entry and a separate entry fee must be paid for each submission. Multiple designs will not be considered as a single entry. The registration fee starts at $25 for Students and member and professional organizations, to $40 for Young Professionals and $100 for Professionals with over 10 years of experience.

Who can enter?

This design competition is open to all architects, designers, students, interns, and other creative professionals.


- Travel to ICFF Show in NYC next May 2016 with Price Modern (including tours of Poltrona Frau, Cappellini, Cassina).
- Haworth Collection / Poltrona Frau Group gift certificate for $3,000.00
- Lunch Mentorship / Consultations from panelists.

FIRST PRIZE – Student/Assoc. AIA
- Travel to ICFF Show in NYC next May with Price Modern (including tours of Poltrona Frau, Cappellini, Cassina).

FIRST PRIZE - Young Professional
- Travel to ICFF Show in NYC next May with Price
- Modern (including tours of Poltrona Frau, Cappellini, Cassina).

FIRST PRIZE - Professionals
- Travel to ICFF Show in NYC next May with Price Modern (including tours of Poltrona Frau, Cappellini, Cassina).

- Haworth Collection piece.

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