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SMART Label 2017: Call for Submission

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This Smart label 2017: call for submission now is over!

SMART Label 2017: Call for Submission

SMART Label, the award for innovation in the professional hospitality industry promoted by Host – Fiera Milano, in collaboration with, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano, returns with a new edition of the industrial design competition aimed at all companies attending Host 2017, the leading global event in the hotel, catering, food service, retail and retail distribution sector.


Industrial design competition SMART Label is an award for innovation in the hospitality industry, promoted by HOST - Fiera Milano in collaboration with, which will be given during the next edition of HOST 2017 to those products / services / projects that stand out for distinctive features in terms of functionality, technology, environmental sustainability, or ethical or social implications.

This award has geared itself towards innovation and ease of use in these early releases; a trend that's even more apparent with the latest edition, which has been eagerly anticipated in the industry as a crucial opportunity and a driver for change.

The 3rd SMART Label award in 2017 aims to repeat the great success of past events, which attracted a total of 318 nominations, the participation of companies from a wide range sectors - as diverse as furniture, professional catering, tea and coffee, bars, coffee machines and tableware - and the award of 98 SMART Labels and 13 Innovation SMART Labels for the most ground-breaking products.

The use of the Internet of things is one of the main requirements for the award: special mention will be made of entries that connect different products digitally for improved user interaction.

The prize aims to promote the most advanced solutions from companies exhibiting at the 40th Fair, with two distinct categories of award:

- SMART Label: for products with unique innovative content in terms of functionality, technology, environmental sustainability and ethical and social implications;

- Innovation SMART Label:for products with highly innovative content that seek to break up and overcome established industry trends.

The candidate products/services/project will be selected considering their innovative features in terms of processes and materials used in manufacturing, features of products and services, the applied technologies, ethics and perceived value, and social and environmental sustainability.

There is no entry fee to participate!

It's free to enter!


This competition is aimed at all companies attending Host 2017, the leading global event in the hotel, catering, food service, retail and retail distribution sector, scheduled at Fiera Milano, Rho, from Friday 20 to Tuesday 24 October 2017.


The winning entries will be awarded the "Label", a distinctive plaque that will put them in the spotlight at Host 2017 and at any future promotional opportunities, and enter them in the Index of "Smart Products" at Host 2017, where a dedicated exhibition and a specially designed itinerary will further raise the visibility of these SMART and innovative developments. The candidate products/services/projects which have obtained the acknowledgment will become part of the set of "SMART Products" presented at HOST 2017, and will be published in an INDEX dedicated to this, which will create a sign of dynamism and innovation that benefits the whole sector. A jury, composed of professors of Politecnico di Milano and industry experts, will assess the applications and will give recognition to those that demonstrate that they have the necessary requirements of innovation according to the following two categories of awards: - Smart Label: For products with in novative features; - Innovation Smart Label: For products with a high content of innovation that seek to break with and move beyond the established trends in the industry. This year, two different Special Mentions are also introduced for those products that will be distinguished by: - The application of new materials that contribute to energy saving or energy recovery; - The introduction of digital connections between different products in a perspective of Internet of Things, aimed at improving the interaction and the use of individual products.

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