SFC's 2018 - #GetYourGreenOn - INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD

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The Call for Entries titled SFC's 2018 - #GetYourGreenOn is now open!

SFC's 2018 - #GetYourGreenOn

CALL FOR ENTRIES - The Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) is pleased to announce the 3rd annual Interior Design Awards titled #GetYourGreenOn, competition that honors interior designers who specify sustainable and healthful home furnishings for their clients’ residences.


Interior Design Award titled #GetYourGreenOn organised by Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) has been recently opened in its 3rd edition for 2018 honoring interior designers who specify sustainable and healthful home furnishings for their clients' residences.

There are three #GetYourGreenOn categories:

(Great rooms, family rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, media rooms, etc.)
$30,000 and under $30,001 and above

(Home office; bedrooms including master, guest and youth; nurseries, etc.)
$30,000 and under $30,001 and above

(Dining, lounge and gardenareas, poolside, etc.)
$30,000 and under $30,001 and above

#GetYourGreenOn in 2018 focuses on wood sourcing this year by asking entrants to share their best practices for determining if the wood furniture and furnishings they specified were made from responsibly sourced wood.

In addition, entrants will be asked to explain their efforts to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals most commonly found in home furnishings, especially flame-retardant chemicals, fluorinated stain treatments, antimicrobials, vinyl, and VOCs such asformaldehyde, in their projects. These questions align with SFC’s pledge to ASK “What’s It Made Of?,” an initiative that encourages transparency in supply chains and stimulatesinnovation to eliminate hazardous substances in homes.


All residential interior design projects completed between April 1, 2017, and March 31, 2018 is eligible. Entries must feature at least one product from an SFC-member manufacturer or supplier.

You need to submit a high resolution photos via photo sharing services such as WeTransfer or Dropbox, or can be emailed or mailed. Eaech image must be labeled.

#GetYourGreenOn winners and finalist will be announced during the fall of 2018.

Entry Fees:

For SFC Members: $35 per entry;
For Non-members: $50 per entry.

Who can enter?

Both SFC-member and non-member interior designers and design firms are eligible to enter this interior design award.

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