More than ever before, knowledge is power. As the United States and much of the world has transitioned away from agriculture and manufacturing to a knowledge- based economy, the importance of learning has grown tremendously. The ability to acquire new skills and to process information is the difference between economic competitiveness and getting left behind. It is imperative that learning throughout our lifetime be optimized, regardless of where it takes place. The design of formal and informal learning environments (classrooms, laboratories, offices, libraries, homes, exhibitions, etc.) must facilitate our acquisition of knowledge and the sharpening of our competitive edge.

The ASID Foundation believes that interior design improves the human condition, and supports research and education that articulates and expands knowledge about how interior design impacts behavior by seeking proposals that are creative and innovative in addressing outcomes that have practical applications for design practitioners and their clients.

How then, does design impact learning and how can we design spaces that optimize it? This year’s Transform grant will specifically fund evidence-based research on the impact of interior design on learning performance and/or the learning experience. We invite you to submit your research proposal to the ASID Foundation, and help us transform the world around us.

The ASID Foundation advances the interior design profession by drawing upon its resources to promote meaningful collaboration and research, award scholarships, and fund projects that broaden the value of interior design. Created in 1975, the ASID Foundation’s mission is to support endeavors that capture and disseminate knowledge, encourage innovation, and benefit the health, safety, and welfare of the public through interior design research, scholarships, and education.


Up to $100,000 annually may be awarded between two types of research studies:

GRANT A - Seed/start-up funds: up to $30,000 to support the exploration or pilot phase of broader research initiatives; to be completed in nine months or less.

GRANT B - Research project: up to $70,000 to investigate how design can transform lives; to be completed in 18 months or less.

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