The proposals should seek to be aesthetically pleasing, enhanced through design concepts and material use amongst other considerations. Proposals should also be considerate to its context. It is imperative that whilst each submission should embody a form of beauty, they should also address its capability of adapting for the changing needs of its users.

‘A Beautiful House’ will be inhabited by a family of 7, to include 4 adults and 3 children, it will also need to accommodate guests. The below quotations highlight a selection of their differing and specific needs. The full brief and competition criteria can be downloaded after registration.

There is no entry fee for this Interior Design Competition.

It's free to enter!


£25,000 is the allocated prize fund. This may be awarded either solely to one winner or multiple individuals or teams. At the sole discretion of the jury, each award will be given based on its beauty, originality, guided by the competition criteria as outlined in the brief.

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