Participants of this student Interior Design Competition are invited to look at the future of the urban university design where multiple functions inhabit a single, multilevel space that combines learning, living, business, and community within the classic academic and current social spheres of higher education.

Students must design the interior for at least three stories of the selected building, the first floor/lobby/community zone (use floor plans 2 and 3 for reference) plus two additional floors (use floor plans 4, 5, 6, and/or 7 for reference) of their choosing that include the below programmatic elements.
Please note that you may, but are not required to, modify the current structure and exterior elements in the development of your concept.

Participants can enter individually or as a team (maximum 5 people).

Entry fee for this student Interior Design Competition for IIDA Student members is $25.00
Entry fee for non-members is $70.00 (includes IIDA Student membership for the remainder of 2015 through Dec. 31, 2016).

Who can enter?

This student interior design competition is open to graduate and undergraduate students around the world who are currently enrolled in an interior design program or architecture program or institution.


The first place price is $2,500.00, the second place price is $1,500.00 and the third place price is $750.00

Official website

For all further informations about the IDA Student Design Competition 2015 visit the following official website:


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