Amberif Design Award 2015 Competition - Jewellery competition

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Amberif Design Award 2015 Competition

Call for photographers: Amberif Design Award 2015 Competition is now open for entries!

Call for Entries: Gdansk International Fair is currently hosting the 19th edition of Amberif Design Award open jewellery competition, this year with a theme "Mimesis" inviting designers, artists and craftspeople to participate with fresh jewellery designs for 2015.

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Since more than 100 000 years men and women make and wear jewellery.
Was the first piece a love gift, a reconfirmation for peace, a healing media, a group marker, a memorable, an object for rituals, a media for exchange, or a sign for the own individuality and enhancement of the own beauty?
Very early natural material like amber has been used. Its inspiring colour spectrum, its exclusivity and its shapeability stimulated makers to provide form and material to their ideas, desires and values.

They created non-perishable symbols to reveal their inner world. Deciphering the early amber jewellery today we are traced back to our historic roots and the provenance of our values. Taking an even closer look we recognise that human values have hardly changed within epochs: They are as elemental as the natural amber. This jewellery competition’s aim is to promote creative thinking and new ideas in the design of amber art jewellery and to develop the knowledge about Baltic amber’s properties and nature.

Only natural amber is allowed in the submitted designs and participants have the complete freedom of choosing the other materials.

The 2015 Amberif Design Award accompanies the 22nd International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones Amberif 2015 in Gdansk, Poland, scheduled for 25—28 March, 2015.

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This jewellery competition invites all designers, artists and craftspeople to participate with fresh jewellery designs for 2015.

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The Amberif Design Award 2015 competition offers three prizes, of which the main prize is 10,000 Polish złoty that's approximately 2,380 Euro! An Amber Prize of 1kg of amber will be awarded by the International Amber Association. 1kg of sliver will awarded as a Silver Prize.

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