Terrae Novae - Urban Ceramics Park

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Terrae Novae - Urban Ceramics Park

Terrae Novae - Urban Ceramics Park now is over!

Terrae Novae - Urban Ceramics Park: On the occasion of the 27th edition of the Nove Ceramics Festival – Open Doors, the Municipality of Nove promotes an initiative created with the contribution of the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce.

Short description

On the occasion of the 27th edition of the Nove Ceramics Festival – Open Doors, the Municipality of Nove promotes an initiative created with the contribution of the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce.

Nove is known throughout the world as “The City of Ceramics”, because ceramics have been produced here for 300 years, an artistic activity that owes its fortune to a combination of political, economic and environmental factors that favored its development.

The current production mainly focuses on commonly used objects or furnishing accessories. Some manufacturers are leaders in high quality production, which is especially successful in international markets. An economy that has a 'family business' or small industry dimension. In the area there are also ateliers of ceramic artisans and artists, some of whom have established themselves in the panorama of international artistic production and, since the 1950s, have given an important contribution and prestige to contemporary artistic production.
Terrae Novae – Urban Park of the city of Nove aims to create an urban park of ceramic sculptures, created through an international contemporary ceramic competition by invitation or/and selection, for the creation of Site Specific works in the historic center of Nove.

The completed work will integrate the already existing widespread museum, to start an Urban Ceramics Park, created in the historic center of Nove as an element of promotion and enhancement of the cultural and artistic history of Nove.

The initiative aims to be an act of reflection on the relationship between art, craftsmanship and design, connecting the world of companies, creativity and territorial heritage as a tool for valorising the city, also for tourism purposes.

A commission of experts will select a maximum of 10 projects from all those eligible.

The artists of the selected works will be asked to create a three-dimensional model which will be exhibited in an exhibition during the 2024 edition of PORTONI APERTI, during which the award ceremony for the work will be held.

The works created in the various editions will be part of TERRAE NOVAE, the new Urban Ceramics Park of Nove, and will integrate the widespread museum already present in the historic center of Nove.

Submission requirements:

The works may be single or made up of several parts (Installation), overall they must have a minimum size of 1 cubic meter and respect the maximum dimensions in the plan.

The project ideas must be such as not to jeopardize safety conditions and not to constitute a dangerous element. The works must bemade mainly in ceramic. All ceramic materials and techniques are accepted.

The projects presented must be unpublished.

The works must ensure the characteristics of stability and durability over time. The materials chosen must be durable, as resistant as possible to alterations caused by atmospheric agents, easy to maintain and in compliance with current legislation. It is also possible to use other materials (wood, metal, glass, etc.), as long as they are not predominantly used.

Who may enter?

Participation in the competition is open to artists, ceramists and designers from the national and international territory who have reached the age of 18 on the closing date of the announcement.

Participation can be individual or in a group. Each participant, whether individually or in a group, may present only one project.


The selected project will be rewarded with a production sum of 10,000 Euro and carried out in collaboration with companies in the ceramic district of Nove and Bassano.

The awarded work will subsequently be created in collaboration with the ceramic companies in the area who have given their support to the aforementioned project.

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