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Smart Illumination Award 2017

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This Smart illumination award 2017 now is over!

Smart Illumination Award 2017

Smart Illumination Yokohama hosts lighting award titled Smart Illumination Award 2017, an open-to-public program, to provide opportunities to artists and creators of the new generation to show their works.


Lighting award Smart Illumination Yokohama is an international art event which started following the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

The event is held in an effort to create the nightscape of Yokohama for the new era by integrating energy conservation and art.

Based on this objective, Smart Illumination Award aims to discover talented creators who design nightscape of the future. There is no limitation as to the form of works as long as the they involve light.

They looking for aspiring works that propose lighting concepts and nightscape concepts suitable for the era of environmentally-friendlly technology.

The submission categories include:

Indoor booth exhibition (individual and group) category up to 30 individuals/groups
Outdoor exhibition (individual and group) category
Outdoor exhibition (school) category


The work must propose the ddght for the new era and promote energy conservation, based on the concept of Smart Illumination Yokohama.

The forms of expression such as installation, media art, landscape design, product, and interactive exhibition are not restricted.

The work must stand on its own or with weights.

Each exhibitor will be responsible for the production, installation, removal, and operation of his/her own work as well as overseeing the work during the exhibition.

If the work makes any sound, it must not disturb the works of others. Further, the volume must be at a level where it will not be heard outside the tent/park.

The installation location will be determined after discussion with the organizer. Exhibitors may be asked to change the plan due to security reasons, laws, or other circumstances such as faciddty management.

The event host will assume no responsability for any accident or damage caused to the work during the exhibition.

Indoor booth exhibition: The size of an indoor exhibition booth is H2.4m×W2.0m×D2.0m and each booth has one electrical outlet (maximum is 3 ampere).

Outdoor exhibition (individual and group) category / C. Outdoor exhibition (school) category: The work must be waterproof and suitable for outdoor exhibition. Measures must be taken against electrical leakage and wind.

The result will be announced on the official website and competition information website “Toryu-Mon” in mid-November 2017. There is no entry fee for this competition!

It's free to enter!


The competition is open to all nationality and ages.


The Grand Prize Winner will be awarded with 300,000 Yen (more than $2,700 US) in case prize, award certificate and will be invited to the next year’s Smart Illumination Yokohama event, as a guest artist.
Three winners in each category will also receive an Award of Excellence.

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