Gentletude is a non-profit organization that pursues exclusively charitable objectives to promote actions to improve the relationships between people, respect for the environment and animals.

The annual Gentletude Award aims is to encourage a new generation of designers to be creative and consider a term known but often not used: Kindness. Every year, it receives 300 works from 40 countries.

The logo should well interpret and represent the following concept: “We spread kindness, we spread love” and Gentletude’s mission “To inspire individuals towards greater kindness to create a kinder world”.

The symbol/logo must be original and easy to read, it should be a fusion of design and text, be susceptible to reductions or enlargements and translation in black and white, without thereby losing effectiveness, presented in color or black and white, presented on digital format, submitted within a 15 x 15 cm square.

The design should not implement artworks or clip arts already used by others. It will be used to accompany all the institutional communication and promotional tools of Gentletude, a not-for-profit organization.

There is no entry fee for this Logo Design Competition!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

The competition is open to all and participation can be individual or collective (by groups and/or classes). Each participant or group may submit to the judgment of the jury one or more proposals.


Ten Finalist entries will be selected and awarded with a Gentletude Award Certificate. One winning entry will be awarded with 1,000 Swiss Franc.

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For all further informations about the Gentletude International Design Award 2016: Symbol/logo for Kindness World Day visit the following official website:


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