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The Call for Entries titled iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD 2018 is now open!


CALL FOR ENTRIES - The 2nd round of international student Design Competition titled iF Design Tatent Award 2018 is now open for registrations, looking for the best ideas from students and young professionals around the world.


The 2nd edition of iF Design Tatent Award 2018, student Design Competition organised by iF is now open for registrations, looking for the best ideas from students and young professionals around the world.

iF Design Award has a reputation as an internationally recognized sign of design excellence since its founding 1953. For a designer, winning an iF Award can launch a career or take it to the next level.

You are encouraged to submit your concepts to these four specific topics:

1. What iF your design could save 360,000 lives?

"About 7% of all fatal accidents are classified as death by drowning. With an estimated 360,000 drowning deaths per year, it’s statistically the 3rd most common cause for accidental death worldwide. Infants and small children up to 4 years are particularly at risk, but older children and teenagers are increasingly affected. The problem is worse in poorer world regions and among lower social classes, where children rarely get the chance of learning to swim."

Your task is to come up with a design solution that makes swimming a part of general education.

2. What iF religion and spirituality were reinvented for our 21st century lifestyle?

"Religious practice is a vital part of human culture since the dawn of time. Each nation and culture formed their very own traditions and rituals. Some survived, some got forgotten, perhaps, simply because they no longer offered value for the lives we lead today. However, as more and more people are looking for meaningful spiritual practice, it’s a valid question, how communication design and technology can convey deep spiritual values and propel religious rituals into our present-day age?"

Your task is to revive religious rituals and/or enhance spiritual practice with a digital design solution.

3. SAMSUNG DESIGN PRIZE 2018 by iF - Smart Care: What iF you could make smart devices and appliances really helpful for daily self-care?

"Awareness and regular self-care are important factors for a healthy life. Apps and smart devices can effectively support the physical, emotional and mental well-being – for example with habit tracking or meditation reminders."

Your task is to design a practical smart solution that supports and motivates people to follow a regular self-care program.

4. MINISO DESIGN PRIZE 2018 by iF - Back to Nature: What iF your design was as healthy as it was beautiful?

"Touch, sense and smell – sometimes it takes only a few simple sensual experiences to make our body and soul feel fresh and healthy again. More and more people look for simple healthy lifestyle – and for beauty products that are in tune with nature."

Your task is to design an innovative, natural, environmental-friendly healthcare or beauty product that improves health physically and mentally.

Submission requirements:

Upload 1 to 2 images per entry

Requirements for the Presentation Poster:

DIN A1 landscape (840 x 594 mm) divided as follows:

Area 1 (840 x 430 mm)
This can be designed as you wish but must include a short, catchy presentation of your design in words and pictures.

Area 2 (840 x 64 mm)
Use font size ca. 20 pt.
Your entry: Entry-ID, Topic
Concept: Name of entry
Student/s: First name / Last name
University: Name of university, city / country of university, department

Area 3 (840 x 50 mm)
Top and bottom: Please leave blank for print and assembly.

Poster Details
Size and Format: DIN A1, Landscape (840 mm length x 594 mm height)
Font size for descriptive text and index data: 20 pt
Font: Frutiger or other sans serif fonts such as Arial, Franklin Gothic, Futura, Helvetica, Univers
Image Resolution: 300 dpi at 100% positioning
Data delivery as platform-independent PDF-X3 file
Maximum file size: 5 MB
Color space: RGB

You can submit as many concepts as you like – but each can only be registered once per competition. You are not allowed to submit the same entry to several topics.
Your concept can be a product, an application, a project, a communication idea or service concept.
Entries can be submitted by individuals and also by teams of up to four people.

Their independent international expert jury will award the best concepts and will divide the prize money per topic. In order to win an iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD, your idea must get above-average marks regarding several evaluation criteria and must clearly stand out among other submitted entries.

Evaluation criteria:

Innovation and Elaboration
- degree of innovation,
- degree of elaboration,
- uniqueness

- use value and usability,
- ergonomics,
- practicability
- safety

- aesthetic appeal,
- emotional appeal,
- spatial concept,
- ambience

- human dignity,
- respect for the individual,
- fairness,
- consideration of environmental standards / carbon footprint,
- social responsibility
- social values

- Target group fit
- Differentiation

There is no entry fee to partecipate in this contest!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

iF Design Tatent Award 2018 welcome all students and recent graduates of all design-related courses and programs to register their concepts. Graduates are eligible to participate if they graduated no more than two years ago. Concepts should not be older than two years.


The winning entries will share a total prize of 5,000 EUR.

All winners will be awarded with the following advertising tools: Label + Certificate
Winner logo for download
Winner certificate as PDF file

Your award winning entry will be shown in the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE (Design Excellence) unlimited in time.

iF design app
All winning entries will be published in the iF design app. This app is free and has been already downloaded 70,000 times.
iF design exhibition Hamburg
Your entry will be presented with posters and in digital form in our iF design exhibition Hamburg.

iF Press
Our iF Press and PR work help you as a winner to gain recognition for your success.

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