SMART Label 2019: Call for Submission - INDUSTRIAL DESIGN AWARD

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The call for entries is now open!

The Call for Entries titled SMART Label 2019: Call for Submission is now open!

SMART Label 2019: Call for Submission

CALL FOR ENTRIES - SMART Label, the award for innovation in the professional hospitality industry promoted by Host – Fiera Milano, in collaboration with, returns with a new edition of the Industrial Design Award aimed at all companies attending HostMilano 2019 , the leading global event in the hotel, catering, food service, retail and retail distribution sector.


SMART Label is an Industrial Design Award for innovation in the hospitality industry, promoted by HOST - Fiera Milano in collaboration with, which will be given during the next edition of HostMilano 2019 to those products / services / projects that stand out for distinctive features in terms of functionality, technology, environmental sustainability, or ethical or social implications. "The SMART Label numbers indicate how much this award has become a point of reference for identifying the best 'smart' solutions and products resulting from advanced scientific, technological and production processes with appreciable advantages for increasing quality of life" - claims Matteo Ingaramo, Director of - "I believe that awards such as this, which arise from an in-depth collaboration between institutions such as and Fiera Milano, are essential to stimulate and enhance innovative ideas capable of using technology in an advanced and useful manner, involving the appreciation of users and society . This is a positive vision that positions this initiative as the leading technological and commercial offer in the hospitality sector on a global scale".

Until April 29th 2019, the companies registered for HOSTMilano 2019 may candidate their own products / services / designs. Any company can send its application for just 1 product / service / project.

To participate you need to send correct, clear and representative descriptions in English, and images should be in .jpg or .png format with a quality of 300 dpi (print quality).

For 2019, SMART Label in 2019 envisages three award categories:

Smart Label for products characterised by with innovative content;
Innovation Smart Label for products with a high innovation content, disruptive solutions and which overcome consolidated trends in the sector;
Green Smart Label for products with a high level of innovation and distinctive characteristics in terms of energy efficiency, environmental compatibility and eco-sustainability industry trends.

Two different Special Mentions are also assigned for those products that will be distinguished by: - the application of new materials that contribute to energy saving or energy recovery; - the introduction of digital connections between different products in a perspective of Internet of Things, aimed at improving the interaction and the use of individual products.

The Commission will evaluate the candidate products / services / projects based on the following basic criteria:

efficiency of the functions of the product or service;
effectiveness of product performance or usability of the service;
innovative characteristics of new patterns of use, or technology, or benefits to the company and / or professional user

There is no entry fee to participate!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

The SMART Label 2019: Call for Submission is aimed at all companies attending Host 2017, the leading global event in the hotel, catering, food service, retail and retail distribution sector, scheduled at Fiera Milano, Rho, from Friday 20 to Tuesday 24 October 2017.


The winning entries will be awarded the "Label", a truly distinctive plaque that will put them in the spotlight at Host 2019 and at any future promotional venues, and will enrol them in the Index of "Smart Products" at Host Milano 2019, where a dedicated exhibition and a specially designed itinerary will further raise the visibility of these SMART and innovative developments.

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