12th Japan International Manga Award 2018 - MANGA CONTEST

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12th Japan International Manga Award 2018 is calling for entries. Below you can find all details about this manga contest:

12th Japan International Manga Award 2018

International Manga Contest organised by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan and titled Japan International Manga Award has been recently opened for entries in its 12th edition with intent to spread MANGA culture to overseas and promote international cultural exchanges through MANGA.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs founded the International MANGA Award in 2007 for the purpose of expanding international exchange and mutual understanding through the MANGA culture which is widely accepted around the world.
This Manga Contest aims to award Manga creators who contribute to the spread of Manga culture overseas and international cultural exchange through Manga.

The 12th edition of Japan International Manga Award has been recently opened for entries and especially dedicated to non-Japanese manga artists.

Conditions of Entry:

• Eligible MANGA works need to be composed of more than 16 pages. Both published and unpublished works are eligible to apply, excluding the past winning works of Japan International Manga Awards.
• Eligible MANGA works should be the ones which have been produced within the past three years (2015-2018) from the date of application.
• Eligible MANGA works must be submitted in printed form. (Submission of data might be required later on.)
• Overseas publishing companies can apply to the Japan International MANGA Award, upon confirmation from the MANGA artists of submitting their work.
• Either the comic artist or story writer of the submitted work has to be a foreign national. Also the representative who will participate in the invitation program given to the Gold / Silver Award winners must be a foreign national.
Only 1 work may be submitted per applicant.Only one work may be accepted under one title (or series). In case that a collection of short stories is to be applied, only one story will be accepted for examination. Duplicate entries will be invalid.
For the purpose of publicity, the MANGA Award Executive Committee may upload the winner’s MANGA works (partially) on its website upon obtaining approval from the artists.

The application period for the 12th Japan International MANGA Award is from April 2nd 2018 to June 15th 2018.

Recipients will be invited to Japan by the Japan Foundation to attend the award ceremony in Tokyo. During the stay in Japan (generally for 10 days), they will also exchange opinions with Japanese Manga creators, make an excursion and visit publishing companies and other places.

The award ceremony is planned to be held in Tokyo in February 2019.

There is no entry fee to parteipate.

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

This contest is open to anyone worldwide. Either the comic artist or story writer of the submitted work has to be a foreign national (non-Japanese).


The Gold Award of the Japan International MANGA Award will be given to the best MANGA work and the Silver Award to three other excellent works.

The Gold Award and the Silver Award winners will be invited to Japan on the occasion of the award ceremony for around 10 days as a supplementary prize (the fine work winners are not entitled).

Call For Entries Info

For all further informations about the 12th Japan International Manga Award 2018 or to submit your works visit the following official website: http://www.manga-award.mofa.go.jp/index_e.html


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