FMC-Film Music Contest 2018/2019 - FILM MUSIC COMPETITION

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The Call for Entries titled FMC-Film Music Contest 2018/2019 is now open!

FMC-Film Music Contest 2018/2019

CALL FOR ENTRIES - The FMC-Film Music Contest 2018/2019 organized by the GONG Art Company has been recetly announced for entires inviting all professional and amateur to take a part.


The FMC-Film Music Contest, organized by GONG Art Company is a unique international competition for creators of original film and television music, composers, bands, musicians, producers, soloists, authors of short films, videos and graphics, with no age restriction and regardless of nationality or country of residence. It is intended for original film or television compositions as well as instrumental compositions, compositions without text, and short films and videos.

The mission is to provide new or professional musicians and creators of films, videos and graphics the opportunity of getting their work into an internationally competitive environment via the internet from the comfort of their own PC at home or in a studio.

There are three categories:

Graphics competition - This competition is intended for graphic artists, designers, creators and all those who work in the field of graphics.
Short film and video competition - This competition is intended for filmmakers, and authors of short films and videos. You can find more information about this FMC category.
Music competition - This competition is intended for the authors of original film and television music, musical compositions and instrumental compositions.

In the Graphics competition, all potential participants are invited to design and think up an FMC graphic, visual or design package for the next year of the competition. The FMC graphic package is your vision of the FMC’s visual identity and can include various designs, such as an official poster, banner, flyer, brochure, logo, PR material, items of musical themes for musicians, clothing or accessories, or something else and unconventional. It is up to you how many and what designs will be included in your package.

In the Music competition you can enter an original instrumental composition (without sung text) into the competition. The maximum duration of a composition is 7 minutes. Instrumental compositions will be accepted exclusively in mp3 format with full details of the song and authors.

In the Short film and video competition will be accepted films and videos in the most varied genres and themes: animated, cartoon, with actors, foreign-language, musical, documentaries, etc. The maximum duration of a film or video is 45 minutes. Besides of the short film, video the important part of the evaluation process will be the incorporation of music as well as its continuity with the image. There are no restrictions for year of production, theme, genre, type etc.

Registration for the current year of the competition is open from 25 October until 10 March 2019.

The jury will select 7 finalists in each category from all entries and one absolute winner in the Music, Film and Graphics categories. It will provide finalists in each category with valuable feedback through verbal evaluation of their entry to help them improve their work.

Entry fee is 34 EUR per single entry.

Who can enter?

The FMC-Film Music Contest 2018/2019 is open to all, professional and amateur, regardless of age, sex or nationality.


Grand prize for the FMC winner worth 3000 EUR.

The absolute winner of the Graphic competition will receive:

Prize money of 500 EUR
A VIP invitation to Slovakia for the personal presentation of the grand prize by the competition’s organiser. Travel expenses, catering and accommodation will all be fully paid by the organiser
The possibility of further cooperation in other projects in the organiser’s national and international portfolio
Presentation of the winning entry online and printed physical form, physically distributed to professionals from the film, TV and music industries and the general public
The visit to Slovakia will also include PR activities and a promotional interview for the local and national media
Official photographs, video shoots and accompanying promotional activities related to the competition
An original competition trophy with the winner’s name
An official competition diploma with the winner’s name
Official FMC PR materials
Graphic prizes and items

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