Organised by Coamix corp of Japan and lead by CEO Nobuhiko Horie, Silent Manga Autodion is an event and Manga Contest , aiming to discover and support Manga (Japanese style comics) artists from around the world. By far this is the largest event of its kind.

His intentions are strong and clear: to embrace the techniques used by early manga masters like Osamu Tezuka, on basis that manga is a “Motion Picture drawn on Paper”.
This is the “Original powers of Manga”, that made Manga, the unique medium of expression, loved by the people around world today.

That is the reason why, they draw silent. A great trial of an artists’ abilities, as one has to communicate everything via drawings only. This has brought them the extra advantage, that result can be enjoyed by anybody, not relying on language.

The theme of 7th editon of this competition is “Unforgettable Taste”.

You may have a fond memory of that unforgettable meal with someone that remains in your heart, or that dish may have inspired you to choose a career in mastering the ultimate gourmet, or made you decided never to eat certain kinds of food ever again.
Maybe you are still in search of that favorite plate you have not yet met, or it might be the flavor, an aroma of coffee, tea, or some exotic beverage that left a life-lasting impact on your taste buds. It may perhaps be the salty taste of tears, seawater, oil, mud or something even worse that filled your mouth when you fell, dropped, or experienced near death or an encounter of the third kind.

We may not remember or count how many slices of toast or bowls of rice we’ve eaten in our lives, but what is THAT one taste, that will never leave your mind?

Re-capture that moment, and re-imagine it as SILENT MANGA!

Please note what is and isn’t suitable for eating will be assessed from the view of common sense adopted in Japan. That means pretty much everything is welcome.

SMA7 specific quidelines:

- “UNFORGETTABLE” and “TASTE” can be interpreted any way one sees fit. It can be about any events that are real / imaginary / virtual and any other ways imaginable.

- THE STORY CAN BE ABOUT ANYONE / ANYTHING – Any existence or concepts that one sees fit, are welcome as protagonists : Animals, Insects, Monsters, Toys, Cars, Motorcycles, Machines, Virtual characters ( like vocaloids or game characters ), Planets and Galaxies, Microwave Ovens and Playstation VR’s.

- You are welcome to create stories about anything – examples including but not limited to – meal, food, drink, aroma, restaurants, food chain, survival, wild life, virtual experience, etc. No matter what subject you choose to create we recommend you to always consider “human emotions”, including those of both imaginary characters as well as the readers you wish to entertain.

- We welcome both happiness and sadness. However, we recommend you always end with positive heart moving message. We like both sweet and bitter-sweet chocolates. We don’t like the bitterness of raw cocoa powder alone – we welcome good chefs of story who always add a pinch of happiness to the mix.

THE STORY ITSELF is NOT a part of assessment, instead we see what “Message(s)” the story clearly presents to the reader – evoking emotions and feelings. The clearer the message, the higher the title will be awarded. No need for complex plots, and we strongly recommend to keep it short and focused.

Technical requirements:

- Pages now MUST BE upload as “1 page / 1 Image”. For “Double-Page Spreads”, each spread must be saved as “2 image files”. Use of double-page spread itself is not a requirement but a key point on which your work will be assessed.
- Images will be displayed on the web, exactly as you upload. Please TRIM AND CROP your images. All gutter, trim marks and other parts of the image you wouldn’t present to a reader, should be trimmed off.
- Those comfortable with preparing print-ready images are recommended and welcomed to upload “print-ready” images as one .zip file, accompanying the separate page images.

All Manga are now to be drawn for “Right-to-Left” (Japan standard) Page order. This is to help with the publication of the compilation volume. Watch out when laying out those panels!

Reecommended size of the images is “width:400px x height:600px”.

Please remember “Simple message, told well” will be awarded higher than “Complex story told not-so-well”. While there is no limits, page count should be kept to a minimum. This does not mean shorter works will receive higher points, but “Use of appropriate number of pages for the story” will be assessed as being better for storytelling.

They say the devil is in the details. In manga, the more attention you pay to the details, the more life your characters will have. It is this philosophy that has made Japan’s manga culture beloved throughout the world.

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

This competition is open to all manga artist worldwide.


- GRAND PRIX : JPY 500,000


- EXCELLENCE : JPY 100,000



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