4th International Contest: Stop Censorship! - MEDIA AWARD

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The winners have been announced!

Media award titled 4th International Contest: Stop Censorship! is calling for entries. Below you can find all details about this competition:

The 4th International Contest titled "Stop Censorship! Citizens for free countries" organized by the activists of NGO Centre UA is an media award that accepting submission in a different multimedia categories.

About competition

This media award organized by the activists of NGO Centre UA joins activism and different kinds of creative practices.

The works are accepted on the following topics:

Protection of freedom of speech, access to public information and fighting censorship.
In addition, organizers accept works on a special theme, which is defined by the organizers annually. A special topic of this award is "Corruption is…".
Implementation of urgent reforms in Ukraine as in many other young democracies is delayed. The main reason of this delay is corruption. Freedom of speech, critical thinking, joint civil actions directed on controlling the government can change the situation. Analysis of a problem and open dialogue are the first steps that should be done to change the situation.

You can submit your works in the following categories:

- images, texts, poems, slogans, and other formats.
- photos, posters, reproduction of paintings and pictures are accepted under the category "Images".
- rhymed literary forms of unlimited length are accepted under the category "Poems".
The short verbal forms, which express the idea, demand or appeal, are accepted under the category "Slogan".
- short prosaic works up to 10 000 signs, which express author’s opinions, are accepted under "Texts" category.
- other creative products such as video, musical compositions, plays, photo reportage, sculptures and design works are accepted under "Multimedia" category.

The works of the selected winners will be exhibited in Kiev (Kyiv) and regions of Ukraine.

The works can be submitted in Ukrainian, the Crimean Tatar language, English and Russian.

There is no entry fee for this contest!


This contest is very democratic. Everyone regardless age, citizenship and education can participate.

For all further informations about competition 4th International Contest: Stop Censorship! you can visit the following official website:

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