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10th ICMA – International Creative Media Award

This competition has expired on

This 10th icma – international creative media award now is over!

10th ICMA – International Creative Media Award

The 10th ICMA International Creative Media Award has been recently opened for entries with aim to exchange creative ideas on an international level.


The 10th ICMA International Creative Media Award has been recently opened for entries with aim to exchange creative ideas on an international level. This competition is intended to be a marketing instrument for award winners.

The Maine Categories are:

• Custom Media
• Books
• Logos, Corporate Identities
• Magazines

There is a lot of subcategories from which you can choose.

What should be submitted?


Print categories - In order to participate, you must send in a printed copy of the publication and the pdf files. If possible, the pdf files should be laid out as double pages – assembly area. Entries from outside Europe: Send only one PDF of an issue of the complete publication with It’s not necessary to send printed publications.

Online categories - Take a screenshot of the homepage, give the link to the project and, if necessary, describe the details.

Wrap publication in print and pdf

Submissions in main categories
Two different publications need be sent per submission, in order to give the jury a better overview of the concept and design of the journal. If your publication is published only once a year, for example Annual Reports, send only one copy.
Pdf of both publications are required, all pages. If possible, create the Pdf as double pages. For the production of the Pdf, this means “assembly area” or “print sheets”. Attach Pdfs on CD, DVD or USB stick. It is sufficient if the Pdf are suitable for an illustration at a height of approx. 10 cm. The Pdf are only used if the publication is awarded. If you are participating with several projects, it is best to send everything together in one package.

Submissions in sub-categories
In subcategories, such as title pages, cover and cover story, photography, photo reportage, etc., 6 works can be submitted per journal and per category. These works can be taken from different issues of the journal. Period September 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019.


In order to participate, a printed copy of the book must be submitted. The book must have been published between January 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019. Book series: January 1, 2014 to September 30, 2019.


The ICMA for logos and corporate design has three subcategories: Logo New, Logo Redesign and Corporate Design.

Submissions in this category may only be submitted as Pdf. All submissions must be in English. Files larger than 20 MB are best sent via For all further informations consult official website.

You need to send all submissions well packaged to ICMA, z.Hd. Norbert Küpper, Gutenbergstr. 4, 40670 Meerbusch, Germany.

The list of winners will be posted on the website around 30 November 2019.

Entry fees:

Custom Media: 180 Euro per publication. (The fee includes two different editions.)
Books: 90 Euro per book.
Corporate Design: 90 Euro per logo, 180 Euro per corporate design.
Magazines: 180 Euro per magazine. (The fee includes two different editions.)

Late entries are possible until October 10, 2019, an additional fee of 20% will be charged for submissions between October 2 and 10.


The 10th ICMA International Creative Media Award is open to all persons or companies of all nationalities, birthplaces or places of residence.


There are awards in gold, silver and bronze. There are also Awards of Excellence, which are presented for outstanding individual achievements. There are no cash prizes.

The results of the competition give every creative person the opportunity to classify his or her object in an international comparison and to quickly optimize his or her own product. Winners report intensively on the awards they have won on their websites and in print media. They underline their claim to quality and at the same time advertise their own business.

Furthermore, the winners will be published in the ICMA yearbook and on to promote their own creativity.

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