15th International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) 2019 - MOBILE GAME AWARD

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The Call for Entries titled 15th International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) 2019 is now open!

15th International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) 2019

CALL FOR ENTRIES - International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) are now open for submissions for 2019, in its 15th annual competition for the best mobile game, invites all developers, studios and publishers from all continents to participate.


The global International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA), competition organised by NCC Partners, is now opened for entries for 2019 and its 15th annual event.

The IMGA is the longest standing Mobile Game Award program started in 2004. With its long history and unique judging process, it has recognized some of the world’s most popular titles in their early days, such as Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans. It is the only competition that unites the industry by celebrating excellence and innovation in games.

The IMGA is the mobile entertainment industry’s leading showcase for groundbreaking innovations, displaying exceptional quality and new trends in mobile entertainment, whether the games are made for the iPhone, for Android phones or other platforms.

For 12 years, the IMGA has been looking for the game that is the most visionary. The game that is showing us a glimpse of future games, the game that is fun, original, and will probably be copied in the years to come. The most important point here is that there has to be an important innovation in the game, a different approach. The innovation can be in the format of the game (Her Story), the style and art (Monument Valley and Badland) or gameplay (The Walking Dead).

In 2004 almost all games were played on the buttons of your phone. You would press the buttons with your thumb and your snake, Tetris blocks or car would respond to a specific number. Gradually developers started exploring new ways of controlling games: accelerometers, cameras, microphones, GPS, Bluetooth connected controllers, etc. When touchscreens were massively introduced, different gestures were explored, creating new ways to play games: Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja.

Submission requirements:

Eligible games must be published in 2018 or have yet to be published, and must be downloadable in a playable version.

The competition is also open for AR and VR games.

In the case of published games, a working link to one of the app stores (Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Amazon), a gameplay video, a description of the game, an icon and 20 promo/gift codes if the game is not free to play.

For unpublished games, the entrant needs to provide a description, an icon, a gameplay video and at least 20 builds or promo/gift codes for the jury working on one of the following platforms: iOS, Android, Windows or HTML5.

The nominees for the 15th Global Awards will be announced in February, 2019. The winners will be revealed during the award show in San Francisco on 19 March 2019, drawing additional attention during GDC (Game Developers Conference) and Game Connection.

There is no entry fee for this competition!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

Developers, studios and publishers from all continents are invited to enter their mobile games. The competition is also open for AR and VR games.

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