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Name the ADV 2018 is calling for entries. Below you can find all details about this naming contest:

Name the ADV 2018

New Naming Contest, Name the ADV organised by IGPDecaux and released on the site invite you to propose new names for a series of advertising products sold by the company, classified by category according to the area they target.


New Naming Contest organised by IGPDecaux and titled Name the ADV 2018 has been recently released on the site invite you to propose new names for a series of advertising products sold by the company, classified by category according to the area they target. IGPDecaux is looking for a new set of names to identify its own products dedicated to communication and advertising (surface transportation, urban furnishing, subway, etc.), suggesting intuitive, self-explanatory names, easy to remember and to communicate to its own clients.

IGPDecaux SpA is the leading Italian player of Out of Home Communication. IGPDecaux operates within Urban Public Spaces, thus supports digital and infrastructural transformations of cities in motion, trying to shape a future of improved quality of life. Their goal is to build well-designed external communication, tailored to clients' needs, useful for citizens, of pleasant design, environment friendly and innovative.

For the correct realisation of your proposals, keep into consideration the following guidelines:

Product categories: the IGPDecaux products are grouped in various categories – each with different reach, format, support and targeted areas:

1) Dinamica bus, trolleybus and tram
2) Digital (Digital out of Home)
3) Metropolitana (subway)
4) Urban furnishing (not subject of the contest)
5) Billboards (not subject of the contest)
6) Airports (not subject of the contest)

For each category you are required to create a list of names to identify the products specified in the relevant table attached inside the Material files on the officila website. The names shall convey in an intuitive way, easy to remember and to communicate, the main features that characterise the products.

The product names you propose shall:

- Preferably be written in English (or in Italian);
- Be intuitive, that is allow the client to easily understand the product typology s/he is willing to purchase;
- Be short, that is use the least possible words and a limited number of characters;
- Be easily remembered, so to allow the client to clearly remember the desired product;
- Be easily communicable, that is written in an understandable language, simple and not technical.
The names shall preferably be coherent with one another, even if belonging to different categories.

The buyers of the products offered by IGPDecaux, subject of the contest, will be both intermediary agencies (media centres and creative agencies) and final customers (companies) that wish to purchase the advertising solution of their interest.

Every upload shall correspond exclusively to one category.

You may submit your name proposals either in Italian or in English, as you prefer. IGPDecaux would prefer the use of English, but it is not mandatory.

Participants can present 1 or more projects, but only the projects published on the web site, via the upload page related to “Name the ADV” will be accepted.

In the evaluation of your submissions IGPDecaux will take into account the following criteria:

Understandability (5/5)
Communicability (5/5)
Coherence among the names (3/5)
Ability to be concise (2/5)
Rememberability (2/5)

There is no entry fees to partecipate!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

Participation is open to designers and creative talents of any nationality aged 18 years or older.


The following prizes will be awarded:

• DINAMICA Award: €1500
• DIGITAL Award: €1500
• METROPOLITANA Award: €1000

For the duration of the option right, the Sponsor offers an extra chance to all participants setting a fee of Euro 500 for the purchase of the license for the economical exploitation of the projects not-acknowledged as the winning proposals.

Call For Entries Info

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