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Packaging Innovation Awards 2019

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This Packaging innovation awards 2019 now is over!

Packaging Innovation Awards 2019

The 2019 Packaging Innovation Awards that honor innovations in packaging design, materials, technology and processes has been recently opened for entries inviting all brand owners, retailers, packaging designers, converters and technology providers around the world to participate.


Dow recnetly has launched its call for entries for the 2019 Packaging Innovation Awards.

The 2019 Packaging Innovation Awards is the packaging industry’s longest running, independently-judged competition. They honor innovations in packaging design, materials, technology, processes, and service across the entire packaging value chain. Inaugurated in 1986 by DuPont, and growing to be recognized as the leading packaging awards program in the world, the program’s tradition of excellence is now proudly continued by Dow.

The 2019 Packaging Innovation Awards honor innovations in packaging design, materials, technology, and processes across the entire packaging value chain. Originated by DuPont, the tradition of excellence is now continued by Dow as brand owners, retailers, packaging designers, converters, and technology providers around the world are welcomed to enter and be recognized.

Whether it’s a container that plays a vital role in surgery preparation or a squeezable mascara tube that ends product-dispensing frustrations, some things stay consistent. Game-changing innovation. Determination. Dedication. And the packaging industry demands a strong passion for science. That’s what the Packaging Innovation Awards are all about—recognizing those innovations in the packaging supply chain that truly excel in Technological Advancement, Responsible Packaging and Enhanced User Experience.

Submission requirements:

Write a compelling, high-level Executive Summary.
Explain how your entry is different from what’s currently in the market.
Include relevant attributes about your entry. Avoid general statements like, “a luxurious glass container that reflects the essence of the world.”
Keep your statements succinct and to the point. Eliminate all information that does not illuminate your entry.
Back up your claims—including sustainability and responsible packaging claims. Provide technical data, information on market and/or social relevance behind the innovation to validate your entry.
Specifically, provide details on how your innovation addresses a need in your region. Include “before” and “after” photos to better illustrate your points. If possible, submit photos, video clips, etc., of your entry in its intended use. For new generation packages, submit photos of the original packaging.
Provide as many samples as it takes to best represent your entry. Ideally, please submit 5 of one configuration and 1 of each of the other configurations.
Submit your entry form online at
Clearly identify the name of your innovation and ship your samples to the address indicated on the form. Samples MUST be received by April 26, 2019.

All entries must be commercially sold prior to the entry deadline. Please consider entering when the product is commercially sold in the marketplace.

Applicants are not required to use Dow or DuPont materials in their products.

All entries will be reviewed and judged by a prestigious, independent panel of international judges throughout the value chain.

Jurors will consider excellence based on the following criteria:

Technological advancement
- New and/or clever use of materials
- New technology integration and/or rapid technology development/prototyping
- Creative configuration and/or assembly
- Increased production and/or distribution efficiency

Responsible packaging
- Responsible use of materials
- Clean and efficient energy consumption
- Reduction in product and package waste
- Benefits the greater good

Enhanced user experience
- Fulfills a user need and/or provides anenhanced experience
- Aids product merchandising and motivates purchase
- Enables greater product accessibility
- Establishes a preferred price/value equation

There is no entry fee to participate!

It's free to enter!


The 2019 Packaging Innovation Awardsis open to brand owners, retailers, packaging designers, converters and technology providers around the world.


There are three award levels - Silver, Gold and Diamond.

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