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Premium Coffee Gift Packaging

Premium Coffee Gift Packaging is now open for entries!

Call for Entries: New packaging award has been recently released on the site, organised by the famous Premium Italian Coffee Brand inviting you to design a new line of packaging solutions, to serve as gifts for a special occasion, be it Christmas or other celebration.

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Premium Coffee Gift Packaging is the new packaging award organised by the famous Premium Italian Coffee Brand and released on, invites all designers and creative talents of any nationality to design a new line of packaging solutions, to serve as gifts for a special occasion, be it Christmas or other celebration.

The competition is looking for a new collection of gift box packaging solutions dedicated to the products of a famous premium coffee brand. The packaging solutions shall be purposely designed to represent the perfect gift for our family or for our loved ones, suggesting cardboard solutions or durable packages, that may be used repeatedly over time with different functions.


The aim of the contest is to collect “gift box” packaging solutions, dedicated to the iconic coffee can of the Italian brand and to its compatible capsules, available in various combinations. In particular, you are invited to suggest at least 3 different packaging solutions.

One of the most interesting themes for the Sponsor is Christmas. In this case, the packaging shall have a “winter” and festive mood, rather than purely Christmas, and be dedicated to a secular Christmas, in order to keep the packaging relevant for the whole winter time, also after Christmas. The theme shall be represented also in the shapes and in the die cut layouts, not only in the graphic design, if any (as it is a non-mandatory requirement of the contest).

You are invited to keep into consideration some construction and eco-compatibility aspects, in particular:

• Transportability: suggest compact and robust shapes, ideally the cardboard packages shall be stackable.
• Sustainability: avoid any overpackaging, that is the excessive use of material for the package, suggesting more sustainable solutions.
• Internal structure: your solutions shall be able to keep the cans in their place, preventing them from rotating.
• External structure: whenever possible, avoid any sharp edges and cusps.
• Openings/windows: the packages shall have windows/openings wide enough to enable the customer to see the product held inside. Ideally, these shall constitute a stylistic element which ensures continuity with the design of the entire package. You may also suggest innovative shapes for the windows, keeping into consideration that in that case the window should have a major role in the graphic, which shall justify its presence. One side of the package shall have no windows, as it will contain various info for the customer.

Your durable packaging solutions shall be designed in view of reuse. They shall be designed with eco-sustainable and durable materials.

The packaging solutions you propose shall draw the attention of the customer of the famous coffee brand, thanks to their premium look & feel. They shall be easily recognisable inside the points of sale.

Your packaging solutions shall be dedicated to well-informed consumers, coffee geeks, coffee lovers, looking for a premium and original product, a solution suitable for anyone wishing to offer a premium gift for Christmas or other festivity.

You are invited to propose a minimum of 3 packaging solutions, presenting:

at least 2 cardboard packages and at least 1 durable package;
at least 3 cardboard packages;
at least 3 durable packages.

Submission requirements:

In order to better illustrate your cardboard solutions, you are invited to present the structure of the package as a two-dimensional layout, in order to facilitate the design of the die cut layouts.

For a better evaluation of your projects, you are required to provide vector files in .AI or .EPS format, to be attached inside a .ZIP archive from the upload page of the contest.

Participants can present one or more projects.

All texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

Evaluation criteria:

• Aesthetics (5/5)
• Technical feasibility (5/5)
• Eco-compatibility (4/5)
• Degree of innovation (3/5)
• Project presentation (3/5)

There is no entry fee to participate!

It's free to enter!

Eligibility ⇣

This packaging award is open to designers and creative talents of any nationality aged 18 years or older.

Prize ⇣

The winner will recive €4.000 in a cash prize.

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