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Organ Vida – 9th International Photography Festival

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This Organ vida – 9th international photography festival now is over!

Organ Vida – 9th International Photography Festival

The 9th International Photography festival Organ Vida is announcing the new public international photography award, an open call on the theme of "New Citizens", in 2017.


Photography award titled The 9th International Photography festival Organ Vida recently announced by Photography Association Organ Vida, a leading Croatian institution for promoting and researching contemporary photography practices on the international scene since its foundation in 2008.

Photography Association Organ Vida is a volunteer led non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting internationally contemporary photography, emerging and established photographers, and to creating platforms for knowledge exchange, education and for showcasing works of young contemporary photographers.

The theme of this year competition is "New Citizens".

In this instalment of the festival, following on from examining Revelations, they are concerned with expanded and creative thinking around notions of "New Citizen". They ask: who are we as humans? How did we come to be this way, where are we headed? What does it mean to be participant of an utterly computerised 21st Century that pulls us ever closer together, yet paradoxically, even further apart? In this era, our collective knowledge is richer than it ever was, yet we’ve lost sight of ourselves.
Are we traversing an ocean of possibility while sinking under our own weight? In a world where the borders of real and imagined are incessantly blurring yet sharper than ever defined, is the very concept of belonging itself drifting away from the physical realm into another?

They are calling for the artist-communicator equipped with the power of language to show them a voice of dissent, challenging and foraging against the very things that are made by systems in power to keep us divided.

They ask for your views of a New Citizen that far extend the conventional understandings of its ‘origin-definition’ which is confined to state and city and town; they ask you to think citizen as a anywhere-human, beyond entitlement, nationality or allegiance to government.
Show your counter-language; a new way of navigating what it means to be alive and to live in a (post)capitalist, climate-changed 21st Century world. Whatever your photographic approach may be, show new dialogues and new imaginaries.

All shortlisted entrants will be notified by email in early May 2017.

The submission fee is 30 Euro/200 Croatian Kuna.


The Festival is open to anyone throughout the world, 18 years and above, regardless of sex and nationality. Amateur and established photographers, artists, and curators, collectives and groups are all eligible to submit their best works.


Shortlisted works of 10 artists will be exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Zagreb and commended works of 10 artists will have screenings during the 9th Organ Vida — International Photography Festival, from 8th to 20th September 2017 in Zagreb.

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