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The winners have been announced!

Photography competition titled Home The Sacred Fire Photography Competition is calling for entries. Below you can find all details about this competition:

Participants are invited to explore the deep connection between photography and spirituality and win a personal exhibition and important publications on magazines and catalogs.

About competition

The competition winner will be awarded the following prizes:

Exhibition at Photolux Festival, November 2015, Italy (+ 1 night accomodation in Lucca, Tuscany)
Publication on Italian quality magazine Gente di Fotografia
Publication on Photolux catalogue 2015

Participation requires from 20 (min.) to 30 (max.) photographs, strictly unreleased or still in progress, never awarded nor recommended in any other Italian and/or international competition.

There is no entry fee for this photography competition!


Participation is open to everyone who loves communicating, meditating and studying reality through photography. Individual and applications in couples/groups, with no nationality nor residence restrictions, are accepted.

For all further informations about competition Home The Sacred Fire Photography Competition you can visit the following official website:

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