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Dodho Magazine 10 Call For Entries

CALL FOR ENTRY: Dodho Magazine is pleased to announce 10 edition of its call for entries inviting all professional and amateur photographers who have something to show to the world to participate and to send their best shots.

• About •

Dodho Magazine, one of the most prestigious magazines aimed at professionals in the photographic industry is calling for entries once again! All photographers who have something to show to the world are invited to participate with they best shots. The print edition of Dodho magazine is the only photography publication exclusively devoted to professionals and experts in the photographic industry around the world. The purpose of Dodho Magazine is to disseminate and promote the work of emerging and established photographers from around the world. Our vocation is the constant search for photographers and works with potential deserving a global promotion. This call for entries is the casting for the projects or portfolios selection that will be published in the next 09 edition of Dodho Magazine.

Categories are:

Cover Packages - Whether it’s chromatic or monochromatic, irrespective of the genre, your entry can be the next cover photo. It can be selected as the featured image in the printed edition to strike the cover with its mesmerizing appeal. There is no restriction when it’s about exploring art.

Magazine Packages - For the inside pages of the Dodho Magazine, organiser digs deeper into selecting the top portfolios. They look closely to the technical aspects and see if the picture is making an emotional connection or not. It’s important to connect with the viewers to make them grasp the unspoken message the picture carries. It’s not just about a single page, it’s an entire magazine with 20 pages all dedicated to your photographic skills. It's accepted a diversified range of genres and styling.

Submission requirements:

Each project or portfolio should consist of 10 to 20 compressed photographs in a folder in .ZIP format, each of the photographs must have a minimum size of 1200px on its largest side. The maximum weight of each .ZIP file must be 25Mb.

All photographers must send images or portfolios in high-resolution format.

You can upload a text in the same presentation. Although it is not mandatory, it's recommended that you include a description of the project.

If it is a single image, you can upload it in .JPG format and if they are three or five images you must compress them in a folder in .zip format.

You can submit from 1st of October to the 1st of December.

The panel of directors from the top galleries and festivals are eager to get amused with your impressive photography for this year’s edition.

As in the past editions, organizer will place 6 incredible photographers at the disposal of the most important people in the world photographic industry. In this edition of Dodho Magazine they will discover and exhibit the best photographers and works of the moment.

Evaluation criteria:

• Technical factors,
• composition factors,
• emotional factors,
• style factors.

Entry fees:

Cover Packages
1 image - $10
3 image - $20
5 image - $30

Magazine Packages
1 Portafolios (single body of work from 10 to 20 images) - $30
2 Portafolios (2 bodies of work 10 to 20 images each) - $45
3 Portafolios (3 bodies of work 10 to 20 images each) - $60

• Eligibility •

Photographers belonging to any background and of all levels whether professionals or newbies are welcomed to contribute their masterpiece in the printed edition of Dodho Magazine.

• Prize •

Your photographs and your personal brand will be promoted at the highest level from Barcelona to New York, from Tokyo to Dubai, from Los Angeles to Sydney. Galleries directors, photo editors, book editors, festival directors, curators and agents will have your work in their hands. Your name and your pictures will go around the world in record time.

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Organizer: Dodho Magazine

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