International Kontinent Photography Awards 2015 - Photography competition

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International Kontinent Photography Awards 2015

Call for photographers: International Kontinent Photography Awards 2015 is now open for entries!

Call for Entries: This photography competition aim to honor best photographers in the world of photography and provide them global recognition and new opportunities.

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There are six main categories in the 2015 International Kontinent Photography Awards competition:

  1. Advertising – Single Image
  2. Fine Art – Single Image
  3. Fine Art – Projects
  4. Editorial/Documentary – Single Image
  5. Editorial/Documentary – Projects
  6. Nature – Single Image
Photographs will be judged on artistic merit, originality, subject and style.
Entry fee is $10 for a single photograph entry and $30 for project categories.

Eligibility ⇣

This photography competition is open to all photographers from any country in the world.

Prize ⇣

Winning photographers will receive major awards including exhibition, monetary grant, book/magazine publishing and representation as well as product prizes from the Awards sponsors.

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