Proify is an annual, international amateur & enthusiast Photography Competition hosted on the website and dedicated to shining a spotlight on up and coming non-professional and student photographers.

Choose your best work and the category it’s most suited to. Your work will be judged by an international panel of high profile photographers and given a mark out of 100. All entries scoring 70 points or more are guaranteed a Proify Merit award, while the top works receive cash prizes.

Best of all, you can increase your chances of winning by entering as many images as you like! Share the magic of your unique perspective and let others see life through your lens.

Entrants may submit their best images to a variety of twelve different categories: Landscape, Street, Portrait, After dark, Wedding, Panoramic, Retro, HDR, Travel, Macro, Wildlife and Drone. There are no limits to submissions.

With over $5,300 cash, prizes and awards, this Photography Competition is devoted to non-professional photographers and provides a unique opportunity to earn credibility, funding and global exposure.

Entries are to be judged by a panel of acclaimed photographers.

Entry fee for this Photography Competition are:

- Single Entry – $25
- Two entries – $22 each
- Three entries – $20 each
- Four or more – $18 each

Who can enter?

Entry is open to any natural person, regardless of their location or nationality, who earns less than USD20,000 per year from their photographic endeavors.

Minors may enter the Competition only with the consent of a parent or guardian. A consenting parent or guardian is bound by these Terms and Conditions as if they were the entrant. In considering whether to consent to your child’s entry, we draw your particular attention to paragraphs 35 and 36.


There is over $5,300 in Prizes to be won!

In addition to prizes, entrants with high scoring submissions are eligible to receive certificates along with Bronze, Silver & Gold Merit awards to further promote themselves and gain respect as an ‘up and coming’ photographer.

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