The contest is inspired by the successful 2010 pilot in the Netherlands, which resulted in 12,500 freely licensed images of monuments that can now be used in Wikipedia and by anybody for any purpose. The 2012 contest in 35 countries resulted in more than 350,000 images submitted by over 15,000 participants, adding to the sum of all human knowledge gathered on Wikipedia.

Cultural heritage is an important part of the knowledge Wikipedia collects and disseminates. Everybody can contribute images as well as write articles. An image is worth a thousand words, in every language at once and local enthusiasts can (re)discover the cultural, historical, or scientific significance of their neighbourhood.

There are a few rules for photos to participate in this international Photography Competition.
Every submission should be:

- Self taken and self uploaded;
- Uploaded in September 2015;
- Freely licensed;
- Contain an identified monument;
- Nominated through a national contest

Next to that, there are a few practical rules:

- The participant should have an activated e-mail address on the upload platform;
- The first winner will get to choose the first prize etc.

If necessary, the rules can be adapted via the international coordinators.

Besides the regular contest, there are may be special categories – with their own award and jury.
Besides that, the normal rules apply.

Any support is welcome: from uploading a single image, spreading the word about the contest, to becoming a partner or sponsor. This September, cultural heritage will be in the spotlight on Wikipedia – from Brazil to Malaysia, from Norway to South Africa.

There is no entry fee for this Photography Competition!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

Wikimedia inviting all photographers across more than 30 countries to participate in this international photography competition.


Wiki Loves Monuments is a federative photography competition, and therefore each contestant is able to win prizes in their respective national contest.

The national juries will nominate photos for the international contest, which has its own jury and awards.

The main prize will be a trip to Wikimania in Esino Lario in June 2016, including travel and accommodation. Wikimania is the annual meeting where users from Wikipedia and Wikimedia from all over the world meet each other and discuss the global movement. This prize has a maximum value of €2000.
A trip to Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario, including conference access, accommodation, and more.

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