WIN (Water Integrity Network) is an Photography Competition dedicated to wastewater management. Your photos could have the power to reflect how increased water integrity can change the water sector and improve lives.

Images can help show the impact of corruption and poor governance. Photos have the power to reflect how increased water integrity can help improve the water sector and help improve lives. WIN is proud to relaunch photo competitions and encourages photographers to share their vision and make a difference for water integrity.

They will reward the photos that best show integrity in wastewater management. Participants should submit up to two photos showing either the impact of corruption and/or integrity and anti-corruption work in wastewater management.

Winners will be announced on World Water Day 2017, 22 March 2017. All shortlisted photos will be displayed on the WIN website.

Photos will be scored and shortlisted by WIN, according to the following criteria:

- Submission in eligible formats (JPEG/GIF/BMP) before deadline
- Submission of signed Terms and Conditions form
- Inclusion of a coherent caption
- Thematic relevance
- Technical quality of the photo (resolution, color-balance, sharp/soft focus)

A jury of water and media specialists will then select the winning photo and runners up, bearing in mind the following qualities:

- balance,
- message,
- aesthetic quality, and
- caption.

Each participant may submit up to a maximum of 2 photographs, in digital formats (JPEG/GIF/BMP).
Each photo must be accompanied with a short conceptualization caption (up to max. 30 words)

There is no entry fee for this photo competition!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

The competition is open to general public, however WIN staff and members, or their relatives may not apply.


Jury of water and media specialists will select the winning photo and reward the winner with a 1000 USD voucher for photography equipment. For the 2nd prize a voucher of 500 USD will be awarded and for 3rd prize a voucher worth 250 USD.

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